The BHS tabletop Case

How We Supported BHS tabletop With the Comprehensive Relaunch of a B2B Online Platform

Accelerating Growth Through Multiple Digital Transformation Initiatives

BHS tabletop – Porcelain Manufacturer and Provider of Professional Tableware

BHS tabletop AG is a mid-sized German company with around 750 employees, established in 1998. The company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of professional, functional, inspiring tableware for all industries. Paired with flexible, individual, and digital service offerings, it operates mainly in Europe and the US. With its current product and service portfolio, BHS tabletop generated a revenue of over €80 Million.

With its brands BAUSCHER, SCHÖNWALD, PLAYGROUND, and HEART&SOUL, BHS tabletop offers a diversified product portfolio and caters to the needs of different players in the industry, positioning themselves as a leader in the B2B porcelain segment.

A Fragmented Experience on BHS tabletop Multiple Websites

The client’s online presence consisted of three individual brand websites and one group website of BHS tabletop itself, which resulted in a confusing user experience and an unclear brand affiliation. The SEO and Content Marketing potential was not used to the full advantage and the visibility decreased compared to competitors. Consequently, it was critical for BHS tabletop to establish and execute a digital transformation program to lay the foundation for long-term digital businesssuccess. BHS tabletop initiated the way to a modernized website with the goal to improve their digital visibility, optimize customer approach, enhance usability on the website, and access to information. Through the introduction and expansion of digital marketing, it was aimed to increase traffic and generate new leads.

The Development of a Modernized Online Platform

Since March 2021, we have supported BHS tabletop with the comprehensive relaunch of a B2B online platform that included the integration of the four standalone websites into one holistic platform. Involving multiple expert teams, a completely new and modernized website was first designed (Frontend & Design Web Development), iterated and then launched for BHS tabletop.

The platform relaunch included a new branding strategy for the three brands, along with the incorporation of a state-of-the-art SEO strategy and the implementation of a tracking concept in the new GA4 version. Altogether the website represents an important part in BHS tabletop’s new digital strategy. As an additional workstream, our effort included the redesign and delivery of a newsletter following the new brand design and aiming at generating interest and redirecting it into the BHS tabletop digital platform.

Our team's expertise in the field of digital consulting made it possible to increase customers' online visibility and B2B clients’ lead generation potential while installing and developing a digital DNA for BHS tabletop and its brands.

“OMMAX fulfilled our expectations to a holistic digitalization partner in full. The combination of analytical digital consulting and creative operational support is the mix we need for our digital transformation. The numerous references from the private equity industry point out, that the digital initiatives are as well financially worthwhile.”

Christoph Auer Chief Transformation Officer at BHS tabletop

What We Have Achieved

  • Professional end-to-end B2B website relaunch
  • Digital brand assessment and SEO analysis of BHS tabletop brands and key market competitors
  • Merger of 4 individual websites and 3 brands
  • State-of-the-art user experience through modern design
  • We laid the foundation for future digital transformation initiatives
  • Successfully conducted OMMAX academy for the internal BHS tabletop team in paid search management
  • >42.2% increase in organic visibility since migration
  • +28.7% increase in sessions
  • 24.6% of hard conversions generated via paid search campaigns

“We are impressed by the velocity and willpower from BHS tabletop pushing the digital transformation in the company. By the fact that we are working companywide on several digitalization projects with our expert teams, it allows us to observe synergy effects across individual workstreams. Thereby the effort for the customer’s project management team on the customer’s side is reduced to a minimum. According to our estimation, this holistic process is the ideal approach to put the digital transformation into reality. We are already looking forward to implementing and driving further innovations for BHS tabletop in 2023.”

Dr. Stefan Sambol Partner & Co-founder at OMMAX

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