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Mastering the Dimensions of Digital Transformation

Experts in Solutions for Safety, Health & Hygiene

CWS contributes to a healthier and safer future with innovative, sustainable and digital rental solutions. As part of Haniel's portfolio, CWS is the leading integrated solution provider for products and services in the areas of hygiene, workwear, and fire safety. They service businesses of all sizes in 15 countries, achieving a revenue (’21) of >€1.2b and with >11k employees worldwide.

CWS is known for its out-of-class services and high-quality design dispensers and teams up with service partners who share our passion for hygiene and are committed to outstanding operational excellence.

We supported building CWS into a digital leader through various initiatives such as sophisticated ad tech in relevant markets, CR-optimized campaign material, holistic SEO strategy, and advanced data analytics.

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Business Development for Greater Leads and Revenue

Now, what needs to be mentioned: CWS is a multi-solution, multi-product, and multi-segment company. β€œMulti” probably is the most challenging word at every company: Multiple ERP systems, country-specific product and service catalogs, solution areas marketing, and selling to multiple persona types across multi-step decision journeys.

Given the challenge, the digital transformation agenda had to be split into manageable projects and sub-projects, workstreams and charts, systems and software and people.

Since 2020, we have been supporting CWS in the creation and optimization of the digital ecosystem across channels and markets and with highly sophisticated data analytics and reporting. We integrated fully with the CWS organization and respective teams, jointly realizing a vast number of digital initiatives to help the business develop further.

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Together With CWS, We Jointly Realized a Vast Number of Digital Initiatives to Help the Business Develop Towards Greater Leads and Revenues

1: Sophisticated Ad-Tech Infrastructure Setup and Global Organic Lead Strategy

Next to ongoing campaign management and performance optimization, OMMAX implemented a media planning. CWS' website was also optimized regarding the structual and technical SEO and the content optimized and created for an increased organic visibility.


2: Global Campaign Ecosystem Creation & Optimization

Together with CWS, OMMAX created creative concepts for multiple European markets as well as local ad material and landing page assets. In addition, mobile responsiveness was constantly tested and evaluated.


3: Setup of a Holistic Digital Marketing and Sales Reporting Suite

Various dashboards with corresponding data sources were created for digital marketing and sales performance repoting, covering digital channels for unified data analysis. Additionally, external market analysis were executed to keep on top of market trend developments.


4: Lead Nurturing Concept Development and Implementation via Pardot

OMMAX accelerated the speed in lead conversion to generate a higher customer life time value across the customer journey. Customers were provided with a more personalized approach and the leads evaluated and actions assigned based on the assigned score.

"It is imperative to get the right partner on board - OMMAX really understands the DNA of CWS and effectively adds constant value along our transformation roadmap at multiple levels."

Adriana M. Nuneva Chief Digital Officer at CWS

Since the Project Launch, a Continuous Growth in Lead Generation Has Taken Place Alongside a Significant Increase in Lead Quality Resulting in Higher Marketing Efficiency for CWS

What We Have Achieved

  • +50% increase in sales efficiency

  • +78% increase in marketing-qualified opportunities

  • +111% increase in leads

  • >600 campaigns launched

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