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Mastering the dimensions of digital transformation. How OMMAX supports CWS (Haniel Group) in connecting the dots.


Here is how CWS builds future growth

Digital transformation is not just about getting ready for the digital age or even conquering the challenges of pandemic times; it is rather fundamental to create long-lasting business value. Consider this: Almost half of the 30 largest companies on pretty much every stock exchange 50 years ago that enjoyed strong shareholder returns but did not post top-line growth had been acquired or delisted 30 years later. Just numbers, right? No. Results of not seeing what is obvious and relevant in growth strategy.

CWS as a part of Haniel’s portfolio, with more than 10,000 employees and a 2019 revenue above €1,180 million, is with OMMAX help currently in the middle of building the fundament for the relevant growth strategy. And CWS is not building the fundament on the most classical game: Focus on controlling costs as a way to drive earnings.

When controlling costs dominates the company’s agenda, it sucks the air out of any fundamental growth plan. Conversely, CWS realized that they need to have a clear agenda for organic growth and pursue it systematically by building a digital future. And shaping the digital future is where OMMAX can support.

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Dr. Stefan Sambol

Digital transformation is drastically a new game for most companies, also for CWS. With the rise of new marketing- and sales-technologies and platforms, business intelligence and advanced analytics, digital has changed the nature of growth by rapidly accelerating the pace of how business can be optimized. So, it is almost like updating the DNA of a company – but across multiple dimensions. The largest challenge: Business must go on during transformation.

Now, what needs to be mentioned: CWS is a multi-solution, multi-product and multi-segment company. “Multi” probably is the most challenging word at every company: Multiple ERP systems, country specific product and service catalogues, solution areas marketing and selling to multiple persona types across multi-step decision journeys. Digital go-to-market needs to be quite a plan at this stage of ‘multi’.

Given the challenge, the digital transformation agenda must be split into manageable projects and sub-projects, workstreams and charts, systems and software and people. These are some dimensions of how CWS shaped the digital transformation agenda.

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It is imperative to get the right partner on board...

Digital transformation becomes a success when companies integrate their business and technology strategies from the start. It is imperative to get the right partner on board, like OMMAX, who understand the DNA of a company and effectively add constant value along the transformation roadmap at multiple levels.

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Adriana M. Nuneva Chief Digital Officer

1. Omni-channel

Is mostly about customer data, sales process and account management. Sounds easy? It is not. How can CWS optimize the sales funnel by re-shaping the sales organization and re-designing the new generation sales process as part of the new operating model?

OMMAX data scientists are helping CWS to cleanse, enrich and restructure their entire customer data across 16 markets: In the status quo setup, customer data was of limited quality and sub-optimal structure due to the legacy design of the systems infrastructure including various ERPs and the Salesforce CRM. To develop the CRM into a more effective and efficient sales tool, OMMAX developed a custom solution to optimally clean and transform the historic CRM data into a new greenfield Salesforce structure.

As a result, CWS is able to accelerate its sales cycle with better CRM tactics, strengthen its cross- and up-selling opportunities between solution areas and drive efficiency in marketing and sales activities – all contributing to higher customer lifetime value across the entire customer base.

2. Content-hub

Is all about CWS offerings: Products, services and solutions. OMMAX supports CWS in connecting the content hub to multiple upstream ERP Systems and makes different data models manageable by unifying these into one common data set and additional solution area specific and customer relevant attributes. All media and unstructured marketing content is now connected to products, services and solutions. Various downstream marketing systems can be provisioned from one single source.

3. Websites

Actually, just one website. That is new! One “global” framework containing of building blocks to be able to design, build and deploy pages faster and in a very reliable way. That is highly relevant to be able to run a new generation digital marketing and sales game of segment-, target-, persona-, journey-specific landing pages. Digital customer engagement strategies with a multitude of different target groups and buying journeys create unique customer experiences from early to later stages of the sales funnel, all enabled and supported by technology and best in class sales tools.

4. Campaigns & marketing automation

Through tracking, grading and scoring the analysis of visitor behavior is far above simple web analytics. Marketing automation enables marketing teams to create and manage 1-to-1 cross-channel journeys and communication with leads, prospects, customers that lead to a unified experience for the customer. Turning a broad base of unqualified leads to prospects to opportunities into customers by using a combination of tactics is the imperative. This improves the efficiency of a sales funnel, quickly. Targeting and campaigns optimize the funnel development and lead-time by setting a focus on the right opportunities at the right time. Industry best practices show an uplift of 30-50% of the lead to sale ratio, if this sales funnel step is managed well.

5. Lead generation

The crucial part of the sales process is lead generation. It is about visibility, presence and relevancy in digital channels and platforms. A deep understanding of online market dynamics, key drivers, competitive environment, and customer journey(s) is relevant to develop a full digital roadmap and comprehensive roll-out plan. OMMAX supported CWS in implementing and rolling-out related digital initiatives, such as increasing awareness and visibility in Google and Social Media Networks. The approach quickly leverages existing growth potential, increases digital reach, and maximizes lead generation. Continuous optimization of digital initiatives allows secure lead generation and a growth strategy that is both agile and resilient.

6. Data analytics & business intelligence

A major part of the CWS digital transformation initiative is around and about data. OMMAX supports with a holistic business intelligence approach along the entire data value chain, from data tracking and engineering, over analytics and visualization to science. Multiple internal and customer-facing systems are connected and function as data sources to enable data driven decision making, strategy definition and operational optimization.

7. Content creation, translation, optimization and curation

Content is key. The right content for the right audience and in the right channel at the right time is crucial. Creating that type of content starts with analytics and customer insights. CWS put money where growth is already happening in content creation, in products, services, or solutions. That means investing in content that increases profitable traffic. That is not just relevant for one country but all regions: Translation and country specific optimization is therefore key to content of lasting value. And, content is not a one-way-ticket. It needs to be curated for campaigns, landing pages, channels, audiences.

OMMAX supports CWS in all these dimensions that create expected growth.

Executives managing such complex transformation projects with re-platforming a complex solution landscape of competing priorities and pressures, the OMMAX framework provides a way to assess approaches to growth and identify the capabilities needed to follow through. While most digital transformation projects single out one primary dimension for growth, CWS manages a multitude of activities across different dimensions to accelerate the transition journey.

As companies consider driving growth strategies, they need to be clear and purposeful about building the capabilities and practices that will help them move with greater speed and precision. Here is how OMMAX can support besides know-how and apply the 3-step framework:

  1. Plan: Define where the value is and design the digital Roadmap for next 3 years.
  2. Build: Conceptualize pilots and build MVPs.
  3. Perform: Transform and capture potential digital value.

For Further Information

If you like to know more about the case study or the OMMAX approach to digital transformation, please reach out to:

Dr. Stefan Sambol (Partner,,+49 89 2778 13-0)
Peter Makovitzky (VP Digital Transformation,


CWS contributes to a healthier and safer future with innovative, sustainable and digital rental solutions. The CWS offering is organised into products and services from the fields of Hygiene, Floor Care, Workwear, Fire Safety, Cleanrooms and Healthcare. With its focus on rental solutions, CWS assumes responsibility for the life cycle of all products and, in doing so, offers resource-saving services for greater health and safety in public spaces.

The CWS Group currently employs almost 11,000 people in 15 countries. In 2019, the company generated a turnover of € 1,188 billion. The CWS Group and its subsidiaries are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH.


OMMAX – Digital Solutions is a digital strategy consultancy based in Europe, specializing in sustainable digital value creation whilst catering to an array of mid-sized companies, large enterprises and over 50 private equity firms around the world. Composed of more than 150 employees and >700 realized digital projects in the fields of digital strategies, digital operational excellence, data science and transaction advisory services, OMMAX is a forerunner concerning holistic data-driven strategy consulting and end-to-end execution of digital solutions.