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The Datenschutzexperte Case

How We Supported the Development of a Highly Visible Digital Platform

Datenschutzexperte — SaaS Provider in the B2B Sector

Proliance GmbH ( is a start-up specialized in operational data protection for small and medium-sized companies.

As a solutions provider, they enable companies to get GDPR compliant via 3 product lines: (1) Full-service with a software and an external data protection officer, (2) with a software for internal data protection experts, and (3) via licensing their software platform to law firms and external data protection officers.

The products of Datenschutzexperte are offered in a subscription model in which there are three different service categories: Basis, Medium & Premium – or their cheaper equivalents without an external data protection officer.

Data protection advice is primarily provided via the specially developed proliance360 software. The software can also be purchased independently of the official appointment of the data protection officer.

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OMMAX Followed a Five-Step Process in Supporting Datenschutzexperte to Become a Highly Visible Digital Platform

Step 1: Digital Due Diligence

In the context of a digital due diligence analysis, OMMAX supported Datenschutzexperte in checking if there are any "red flags" that would speak against digital lead generation. Therefore the digital market was analyzed  based on digital search volumes and all relevant market players were assessed based on their digital customer journey.


Step 2: MVP Landing Page

In the second step, OMMAX supported in the development of an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) landing page and a digital go-to-market strategy. Through the soft launch of an MVP website and first digital marketing activities, especially paid search on Google, OMMAX tested the market for a demand of the planned offer and further verified customer acquisition costs, for a valid and robust business case. Additionally, OMMAX used the MVP phase to get to know the potential target group and their needs.


Step 3: Proof of Concept

After the target group had positively received the MVP, the next step was to launch a complete website which, in the future, could gain organic search leads with subject-specific content. OMMAX established an omnichannel lead generation strategy, which initially included the following channels: SEO, SEA, Social Media, and Affiliate Marketing.


Step 4: Digital Ramp Up

After the organization had grown further, the aim was to further optimize digital customer acquisition and thus minimize customer acquisition costs. For this purpose, a CRM system with target group-specific customer journeys was implemented and simultaneously linked to a marketing cloud.


Step 5: Digital Excellence

Now is in the phase of digital excellence. At this point, the aim is to use data-driven testing to optimize the individual channels further and to adapt the offers more and more to the needs of the end customers.

Enormously helpful...

OMMAX helped us enormously to found Proliance GmbH with and to establish it on the market. Furthermore, we are more than grateful to have a competent digital partner at our side in OMMAX.

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Alexander Ingelheim CEO and Co-Founder

What We Have Achieved So Far is a success story for OMMAX in B2B digital lead generation: 
More than 2,500 generated leads in 2019, and more than 1,000 customers in the first year of business show how relevant digital lead generation is for a B2B business. 

For every (B2B) company, it is important to be digitally present and optimized at every stage of the customer journey. If, for example, someone only wants to inform themselves about the topic of "data protection officer," when researching on Google, you will come across one of the >300 blog articles that produces weekly on current topics in data protection as part of a content strategy.

Three Key Take Away Points From the Datenschutzexperte Case:


  • To assess the success of potential new digital initiatives, a detailed analysis of the digital environment (e.g., in the form of a due diligence) is indispensable. If no so-called red flags are identified in this intensive analysis phase, the next step can be taken
  • By bringing a minimum viable product (MVP) or landing page to the market, valuable insights are gained concerning the customers and the characteristics the product should have. The MVP approach is not only reasonable when launching a new product but also for testing new digital initiatives
  • The digital success of a company depends on whether the interaction of different channels optimally defines the digital customer journey. Additionally, a company's digital success depends on its ability to track each stage of the customer journey based on data. It is essential to define a digital strategy and provide it with concrete action points to achieve this
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"We are delighted about the outstanding success of Proliance GmbH and their main German brand and are proud to have played a decisive role in the development of the company. OMMAX is pleased to be able to contribute to the further digital development of the Proliance GmbH in the future."

Toni Stork CEO & Partner, OMMAX

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