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The LSG Group Case

Building a Digital Foundation for a Growing Food & Logistics Business

Capturing Digital Potential in the B2B Travel Industry

LSG Group – Global Travel Industry Product & Service Provider

LSG Group is a leading provider to companies in the travel industry, with various food and logistics products and services under its expert brands like LSG Sky Chefs. First established by Lufthansa in 1966, it quickly began its international expansion across Europe and into Asia, the Americas and the Middle East. It currently serves more than 300 partners in 59 countries, achieving a revenue (’19) of €3.4b with its collection of companies covering in-flight services like catering, equipment, logistics, and more.

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New Focus On Building a Holistic Digital Strategy

Five years ago, digital was not yet seen as a priority for many B2B businesses overall and particularly within the industry. LSG Group at this time had a limited digital vision, resulting in no planned roadmap for its digital operations and infrastructure. With the rapidly changing market environment and emergence of new business trends, the long-tern sustainability of the company’s position was uncertain.

When LSG Group and OMMAX began collaborations back in 2015, the objective was to build a long-term supporting digital foundation for the growing organization. This translated into the strategy and execution of a best-in-class digital IT infrastructure that would ensure strong online visibility and brand awareness, as well as support lead generation (sales) activities for its expert brands.

With OMMAX as digital strategist and accelerator, LSG Group was able to become a digital frontrunner in a rapidly changing business environment and maintain its global brand presence.

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Since 2015, OMMAX collaborated closely with the global teams at LSG Group to establish and maintain the organization’s digital brand presence worldwide.

Highlights include the relaunch of the main LSG Group website and 3 brands under the group, with OMMAX leading the full front-end and back-end website infrastructure conceptualization and development. A sleek and modern design, device responsiveness, and high-quality website tracking was further implemented.

The website platforms and contents were also fully search engine optimized (SEO) to ensure high online visibility for the brands, as well as enhanced with paid social media activities (focus on LinkedIn) to drive lead traffic to the websites. Moreover, to measure performance of digital channels and individual campaigns, OMMAX built a customized analytics dashboard that would centralize the tracking and reporting of digital KPIs for the group of companies.

Alongside the digital infrastructure development, OMMAX provided training to teams in the global headquarters, focusing on online marketing and communications, digital HR, and web analytics. The goal was to continuously build up the in-house digital skillset.

With the new infrastructure in-place, OMMAX provided ongoing strategic digital marketing consulting for global campaigns, along with IT development and maintenance to ensure secure, accessible, and user-friendly websites. OMMAX’s diverse capabilities and wide industry experience allowed it to successfully support the organization’s strategic and operational initiatives over the years.

What We Have Achieved

  • Digital management of 6 brands over >5 years

  • Relaunch of 4 website platforms

  • 70% increase in total followers on social media platforms (e.g. LinkedIn), supported by paid activities over 2 years

  • >180k impressions generated for global strategic marketing campaigns

“It has been fascinating to see the digital development of LSG Group and its expert brands over the past 5 years. We are very thankful for the opportunity to work closely with the organization’s dedicated teams on many exciting strategic and operational digital initiatives to create further business value.”

Dr. Anja Konhäuser Partner

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