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Digitalisation and Acquiring Patients in the Rehabilitation Industry

Specialists in Rehabilitation

MEDIAN is the biggest private operator of rehabilitation facilities in Germany with an outstanding reputation. The group operates 122 rehab clinics, sociotherapeutic facilities and care centres and 19,200 beds and treatment stations. This corporate group employs about 15,000 people in 13 German federal states. The medical focus of its work is on neurological, cardiological, psychosomatic and orthopaedic rehabilitation. In addition to the specialised clinics, the corporate group also owns acute care hospitals, therapy centres, outpatient clinics and reintegration facilities.

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Successful Integration for Scalable Growth

By merging with AHG, MEDIAN has not simply expanded its service objectives for its patients, but also wanted to use the associated extension of the (digital) reach and interactions for its patients and patientsโ€™ relatives in a reasonable manner.

The branding has been adjusted according to the target group to create high-quality communications and sustainable acquisition of patients, including development of a long-term digital strategy for continuous optimisation of the website, effective implementation of marketing measures and implementation of a scalable, state-of-the-art digital appearance on the Internet.

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Development of a Digital Strategy Focusing On Integrating 122 Clinics

The first step was to merge about 122 clinics and to integrate the new clinics added to the group in subsequent years. The new, technical platform has been implemented according to the current search engine standards, UX best practices, data-driven best practices, and technical content specific to the target groups and medical specialists. The technical infrastructure has been developed centralised, efficient control of websites possible while also allowing them to be personalised to the clinic's local needs.

OMMAX introduced comprehensive reporting concepts for recording various data points specific to the clinics as the foundation for individualised optimisation of the web pages. As part of the existing collaborative efforts, a comprehensive study was also performed to identify the patientโ€™s journey and produce further strategies and possibilities for increased patient acquisition.


A reliable Partner...

In OMMAX, we have found a reliable, skilled group of experts and are very satisfied with this long-term partnership. We are looking forward to continuing to take advantage of the digital potential of our website with OMMAX and developing our marketing strategies.

Dr. Florian Frensch COO MEDIAN

What We Have Achieved

  • 120 clinics successfully merged from in the same tech environment
  • + 603% Organic visibility
  • + 149% SEO-Sessions within 1 year (YoY 2020 vs. 2021)
  • + 96% Overall Sessions (since 2017)
  • + 932% Overall Conversions (since 2017)


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