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Transforming the Digital Healthcare and Software Industry

MEDIFOX DAN, A German Leader in Out-Of-Hospital Software Solutions

MEDIFOX DAN is a fast-growing and innovative German healthcare software leader and specializes in the development of innovative software solutions and services for professional and non-professional care, therapeutic practices and child, family, and youth welfare facilities. Besides holistic product solutions, MEDIFOX DAN has always been characterized by strong partnerships and innovative services. With over 55 years of industry experience and cumulative expertise, the company works every day to set trendsetting standards for digitization in the health and social care sector and to drive innovation forward. Known for excellent service management and consistent software development, MEDIFOX DAN provides state-of-the-art products.


A Software Provider With a High Potential for a Digital Business Model Set-up

At the beginning of 2019, MEDIFOX DAN pursued offline marketing measures such as company trade fairs to sell their products. At that time, they also became interested in building awareness about the increasing potential within the online market. 

MEDIFOX DAN wanted to get a better understanding of the digital market potential and enhanced digital business visibility, which then later on would lead to an increase in the business’ growth. 

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The Creation of a Digital Eco-System

Within a limited period of three months, we explored the software healthcare market and got a deeper understanding of the different user journeys per software product. The customized dynamic reporting dashboard allowed us to evaluate performance and continually optimize for lead generation maximization.

Moreover, next to optimizing the sales funnel and developing dedicated landing pages, we started building up a state-of-the-art digital experience platform. Through the integration of the HubSpot marketing cloud, we were able to map the different user journeys along their way to becoming MEDIFOX DAN clients. 

"OMMAX proved its reliability as a partner – we are convinced that, together, we will continue positioning MEDIFOX DAN as a leading provider of software solutions in the healthcare industry. MEDIFOX DAN successfully extended its sales channels by carrying out a digital lead generation strategy jointly with OMMAX."

Christian Städtler Managing Director, MEDIFOX DAN

What We Have Achieved

  • Setup of Digital Eco-System including state-of-the-art digital experience platform.

  • Setup of a sales supporting marketing automation solution connected to Salesforce.

  • Optimized Sales Funnel to decrease drop out rates.

  • Optimized the performance marketing channels and organic performance.

The Result of This Successful Digital Transformation Was the Sale to ResMed for US$1 Billion

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"Working alongside with MEDIFOX DAN, supporting their business transformation by accelerating their digital growth has been a rewarding experience. The ability of their team, as well as their execution of the digital agenda has been highly impressive, we wish MEDIFOX DAN all the very best for their new partnership with ResMed."

Dr. Anja Konhäuser Managing Partner

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