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How OMMAX Supported MG Motor With Their Entry Into the German Market

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An OMMAX Success Story

MG Motor – Launched April 2021 in Germany

MG Motor is a former British car brand, now owned by SAIC Motor (Shanghai Automobile Industry Corporation). SAIC Motor is the 7th largest car manufacturer in the world and was the first automobile group in China with annual sales exceeding 7 million units. SAIC Motor’s affiliate automotive companies also include SAIC Volkswagen, SAIC-GM and others.

In 2019, MG Motor first launched in continental Europe, followed in 2020 by markets such as the Netherlands, France, Norway and Austria. In April 2021, MG Motor was launched in Germany. The all-electric SUV ZS EV and the plug-in hybrid EHS are the first car models to be brought to the market, followed by the all-electric Marvel R and most recently, the first all-electric station-wagon: The MG5. The MG fleet offers MG clients a highly diversified product portfolio and caters to the various needs of car owners and buyers. With this strong fleet, MG is positioning themselves as a forerunner in electric mobility in Germany.

MG Motor cars

The OMMAX Approach in Launching MG in Germany

OMMAX assisted MG Motor with their launch into the German market by establishing a digital go-to-market and lead-generation strategy and implementing the digital infrastructure. Additionally, OMMAX created a digital channel approach for MG Motor and produced high-quality content for all digital channels.

The go-to-market project with MG Motor could be categorized according to four strategic pillars: Strategy, market, brand, and infrastructure.

The digital strategy needed to be high-level, since a go-to-market strategy had to be developed from scratch with a lot of flexibility and leeway for short-term changes. This was a great opportunity for a holistic multi-channel and digital-first approach to lead generation in the German automotive industry, increasing digital awareness and lead acquisition performance.

Second, the German automotive market in which MG Motor operates is highly competitive. This necessitated strong positioning in digital presence and visibility.

For the branding, there was an opportunity to use the awareness of the former MG Motor brand whilst making adaptations for the current market. Within the brand pillar, OMMAX identified the possibility to localize the brand identity to the German market as well as the opportunity for a digital-first approach for brand marketing.

For the infrastructure, there was an opportunity to design a completely new customer journey for the car buying process. This had to be highly flexible due to the practicalities of the retail marketing system and the use of individual and independent car dealers. This provided easy access to cars due to less customization options and short delivery times, especially during the COVID-19 crisis and associated lockdowns.

MG Marvel R

The Development of a Digital Strategy Approach

Since April 2021, OMMAX has supported MG Motor's brand relaunch in Germany with a holistic go-to-market strategy, a lead generation strategy, ad designs and the implementation of a new digital infrastructure of a tracking and reporting concept.

Within the go-to-market strategy, OMMAX took care of the development of a campaign strategy and plan for organic- and paid digital channels in order to increase attention for the brand and the car models within the selected target groups. The goal of this strategy was to attract potential customers through a strong digital eco-system thus increasing the revenue stream from various digital channels. With this strategy, OMMAX achieved a 152% increase in leads for MG Motor since April 2021.

The lead generation approach of the project was divided into two phases. First, measures were implemented to increase visibility and brand awareness, resulting in a significant increase in impressions on social media. In the second phase, measures were implemented to increase leads, resulting in a higher number of cars sold.

Additionally, high-quality content was created by OMMAX for all digital channels, with the goal of increasing the online visibility for MG Motor and creating brand awareness by using a broad variety of visuals and ad copies. OMMAX continuously updated these digital assets to consider new trends and tactical changes, ensuring the future success of the campaigns.

Digital channel and tech infrastructure implementation required ongoing reporting of performance regarding leads and sales as well as adjustments in the strategy following insights. This has resulted in a highly visible and conversion-optimized customer journey for MG Motor.

“Together with OMMAX we created a digital first go-to-market approach for our clients. We are very satisfied with the collaboration and benefit from the partnership with OMMAX due to the data-driven digital strategy mindset.”

Christian Wiegand Head of Marketing of MG Motor Germany

What We Have Achieved

  • Successful entry into the German automotive market
  • Development of digital infrastructure including a holistic digital marketing running engine
  • 140% YoY growth 
  • Outperformed competitors in electric vehicle sales in H1 2023

“Electromobility is and will remain one of the keys in shaping the future of the automotive sector. It is great to witness the passion and the commitment of the MG team and a true joy working together with them on planning and executing the go-to-market and lead generation strategy.“

Dr. Anja Konhäuser Partner at OMMAX

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