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The Rossmann Case

How We Supported Rossmann Through the OMMAX Digital Academy

Bringing Adaptive Learning and Efficiency to the Forefront of the Organization

Rossmann – An Industry Leading Drug Store

Dirk Rossmann opened his first store in Hanover in 1972. Since then, Dirk Rossmann GmbH has become the second-largest drugstore chain in Germany and achieved a turnover of €9.46 billion throughout Europe. Dirk Rossmann GmbH is an owner-managed company, with the majority owned by the Roßmann family. Currently, the company is located in Burgwedel near Hanover, and A.S. Watson Group holds a 40% share in the company.

ROSSMANN cosmetics store, Pecs (Hungary)

Determining the Relevance of Rossmann's Current Marketing Approach

With marketing technology and skills constantly changing, entering hundreds of products into the market on an annual basis can be challenging. In addition to entering the market, a company needs to remain state-of-the-art alongside a marketing industry driven by a massive internal team.

Using a unique digital academy, OMMAX presented Rossmann with both the latest operational skills and KPIs within the market. As a result, by adaptively learning and improving task efficiency, Rossmann could both compare techniques with operations and enhance its marketing operations.

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Business Unit Deep Dive – A Specific Expert for Each Session

By deep-diving into the fields of digital strategy, SEO, SEA, content marketing, customer journey, and user experience, Rossmann identified both weaknesses and strengths directly within its marketing operation. Each session was held by different OMMAX experts, specialized within their particular work field, and provided live sessions with included tools or data sets. Consequently, Rossmann could ask their specific expert about each business unit, check each workstream accordingly, and adapt learnings quickly.

Rossmann double-checked their operation and strengthened their understanding of the latest digital trends. Additionally, by thinking about different business models, Rossmann challenged modern go-to-market strategies. Through the OMMAX digital academy, they developed a quick solution and straightforward path towards success and market relevance.

The academy contained a big amount of content and insights and was structured in a clear way...

Discussing the latest trends and methods in digital marketing with external digital experts was worth it and provided an extra perspective on our Marketing operations. The academy contained a big amount of content and insights and was structured in a clear way, which allowed us to boost our internal performance.

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Sandra Lorenz Management Rossmann

What We Have Achieved

  • Creation of a digital academy tailored to the specific market and needs of Rossmann, including SEO-, SEA- & Content-Analysis
  • 1-day academy with 4 senior experts and an additonal OMMAX partner for specific sessions into tools, data, and operations 
  • 277 slides of documentation including market insights, glossary, and learning summary


β€œRossmann combines offline and online sales internally and must deal with several different competitors such as amazon or dm. Providing insights on how to strengthen the eCommerce business of Rossmann was fun and challenging at the same time. We are very happy that we successfully covered the digital marketing business in its relevant perspective and provided valuable insights to Rossmann.”

Dr. Stefan Sambol Partner, OMMAX

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