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The univativ Case

How OMMAX Built up a Lead Sourcing Ecosystem for Students & Graduates

How OMMAX Brought Digital Strategy Into a Recruitment Process

Univativ GmbH – Jobs for Students, Graduates, and Young Professionals

Univativ is a personnel service provider for students, alumni, and young professionals. Univativ offers career opportunities in DAX 30 companies as well as medium-sized companies and start-ups. By tailoring job offers to the individual needs of young potentials, it is possible to search throughout a city, industry, or even for flexible working models.

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A Personnel Provider With an Untapped Digital Business Model Set-up

OMMAX helped Univativ to relaunch its website and to implement accurate tracking for its digital KPIs by analyzing the company’s current online performance and customer economics.

Univativ was aiming to get a better understanding of digital market potential, recruiting of young potentials, and digital business visibility enhancement, which would lead to a substantial increase in the business’ staffing pool of both students and young professionals. 

The Creation of a Digital Eco-System

With the website relaunch as a starting point, OMMAX created a new digital platform for Univativ, which was able to match the needs and standards of the industry. With the creation of different customer persona profiles, divided by level of seniority and field of interest, OMMAX implemented specific campaigns and landing pages for each persona.

The customized dynamic reporting dashboard allowed both OMMAX and Univativ to evaluate performance and continuously optimize for lead generation maximization and cost reductions.

Great project management and different perspectives...

Our work with OMMAX was very structured and helped us develop a lasting strategy. Our partnership benefited from great project management and different perspectives.

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Gottfried Zaby CEO univativ

What We Have Achieved


  • Development of a new digital platform 

  • Set-up of a holistic digital lead generation strategy

  • More than 12,000 registrations of new applicants 

  • Increase of on-site conversion rate by 67% after the website relaunch 

  • Customer acquisition costs were reduced by 32% 

  • Increase in back-office efficiency, with reduced time for processing the application from initial screening until interview invitation (9.1 to 5.0 days)

  • The build-up of a sophisticated reporting area with the connection of 12 different data sources within a dynamic and responsive dashboard environment

“Over nearly two years, we developed together with Univativ not only a new digital platform but were also able to generate great results in terms of student and young professional acquisition.”

Christiane Jauch Partner

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