The Waterlogic/Culligan Case

how we supported Waterlogic/Culligan with a digital transformation & Martech strategy

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In November 2022, Culligan International and Waterlogic International announced their global merger, creating a leader in sustainable drinking water solutions and services. Together, Culligan and Waterlogic will serve over 100 million consumers and save more than 40 billion plastic bottles annually through sustainable water filtration, purification, and treatment solutions.

Waterlogic (revenue ~$400m) is a leading global workplace hydration solutions company that primarily rents out mains-fed point-of-use (β€œPOU”) water systems to a broad range of B2B customers. Since Castik Funds completed its acquisition of Waterlogic in 2015, the company has been acquiring >40 add-on acquisitions globally and entered >10 new direct markets, creating a need for centralization of its marketing campaigns and integration into existing digital infrastructure.

Since 2014, our team has supported Waterlogic in >18 countries with a holistic digital strategy, including the development of a durable and leading digital infrastructure and marketing ecosystem that successfully integrates MarTech tools and processes, e-commerce functionalities, and a comprehensive data stack.

"OMMAX has transformed Waterlogic into a high-performing B2B digital marketing and sales organization. Its unique strategy has helped Waterlogic to gain new ground in market visibility and profitable business growth."

Mark Taylor CCO Waterlogic/Culligan

Our Digital Transformation Approach

Through our wide-ranging digital transformation program, we offer digital solutions across the entire lead-to-sale process, improving key KPIs throughout the digital funnel and ultimately contributing to higher overall sales. With Waterlogic, we collaborated on a cutting-edge MarTech strategy that has brought together the entire tech landscape and the lead-to-sale process, contributing to large performance uplifts and cost-efficient topline growth:

1. Global Lead & Sales Platform Development


  • State-of-the-art global platform and tech stack with headless approach resulting in strong conversion rate uplift and powerful lead gen engine

  • Top-tier page-speed performance, with ongoing digital improvements based on industry developments and continuous A/B testing to maximize conversion rates

  • 240+ URLs built per site, leveraging existing content for SEO legacy

2. Integration of Web, Marketing and Sales Data


  • Development of structured customer economics data analytics and cohort reports

  • Integration of marketing and sales data across all digital channels for unified data analysis

  • Creation of a unified reporting suite allowing for live data analysis and real-time data interrogation for efficient optimization & steering of customer journey, CAC, ROAS


3. Multi-Touchpoint Customer Journey Approach


  • Rollout of a digital campaign ecosystem leveraging the full marketing mix to target the right audience segment across various tools and channels

  • Higher invest in upper-funnel activities creates spillover-effects driving branded search

  • Sophisticated media buying and distribution strategy to leverage synergy potential and ensure best CACs across channels

4. Marketing/sales automation and e-commerce 


  • The transformation program includes solutions to digitalize and automate the sales journey for new customers and recurring revenue contracts

  • Global e-commerce shop for cross-selling of bundles and product consumables

  • Automated processes for sales and services including lead nurturing and triggers for anti-churn initiatives and up-selling opportunities

Together, We Achieved

  • 27% sales uplift in digital lead generation (US, AU, and DE)

  • Up to 45,000 digital leads acquired per year

  • 25-30% reduction in license and maintenance fees

  • >$130m total new-customer contract value generated through OMMAX digital initiatives 2016-2023

β€œOur unique strategy has helped Waterlogic to gain new ground in market visibility and customer value. They’ve continued time and time again to prove their strategical capabilities; it's a pleasure to be working with them.”

Christiane Jauch Partner

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