Digital value creation & protection by implementing state-of-the-art Business Intelligence (BI) solutions

Business Intelligence (BI) solutions are becoming more and more important for companies to increase their efficiency and make use of their data about customers, transactions, products and services. Offline and online business models deliver enormous amounts of data that are only suitable for evaluating a company's performance if they are as up-to-date as possible. Most of the time, the data within the company is in different data sources (“Silos”), not connected and not used therefore. For this reason, connecting customer data, applying algorithm to identify patterns, enable real-time monitoring and the UX optimized visualization of results using state-of-the-art BI infrastructure and with tools such as Tableau or Power BI represent real added value and can save costs up to 50% within the company. Combining different data sources from different company sections (e.g. accounting, controlling, treasury, marketing & sales) in data warehouses and visualizing them, enables companies to have a holistic overview on how they are performing overall and to identify revenue and efficiency drivers.

In our whitepaper we demonstrate how to build data warehouses, harmonize and visualize data from different sources to ensure sustainable digital value creation and protection. Download the paper by filling out the form on the right side.

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