A company audit fit for the digital age

Digital business models are not only becoming overwhelmingly important for consumers, but to the same extent, valuable for investors. Established consulting firms are facing challenges when it comes to questions around "digital" and experts are needed. In this respect, due diligence projects are also undergoing a digital transformation. Before a purchasing decision, investors opt for an explicitly digital assessment of the business model, its sustainability and its growth potential over digital channels.

Topics of this White Paper:

  • Reasons for a Digital Risk & Digital Growth Potential Assessment
  • What is a digital due diligence in detail?
    • 1. Market
    • 2. Digital Competition
    • 3. Technical Business Overview
    • 4. Digital KPIs – Success Factors for the Online Business
    • 5. Customer Economics and Behavior – how profitable are customers over time?
  • Big Data: Simultaneous Challenge and Opportunity

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