L’TUR is europe’s leading provider of last minute holidays. The tour operator offers destinations all over the world and generates a yearly turnover of €451m with almost 700,000 travellers (2014/2015).

Though being a multi-channel provider, L'TUR is one of the tour organisers with the highest share of online direct sales.

The Challenge

  1. Development of a new digital strategy to increase overall visibility of L’TUR

  2. Very competitive online market

  3. Decreasing visibility and visits after website relaunch

  4. No consistent overview of relevant data/digital performance KPIs

  5. Unused potential for better ranking in search engines and for higher conversion rates

  6. Time consuming content administration for huge product portfolio over several different content management systems

The Solution

  1. Attracting valuable leads via Search Marketing

  2. Development and execution of a global E-Commerce and Content Strategy

Actions Taken

  1. Digital market and competitor analysis and derivation of best practices

  2. One single report from a wide range of data sources

  3. Development of customized content strategy for target audience

  4. High quality content based on keyword research and text analysis (TF*IDF)

  5. Changes to the website structure and internal navigation for better usability and search engine crawlability

  6. Unification and simplification of content management systems – more effective and time-saving processes

  7. Technical analysis optimization e.g. page speed optimization

The Results

  1. +127% increase in organic visits

  2. +6% increased visibility in search results (SISTRIX visibility)

  3. +66.84% increase in overall clicks on all search queries (April 2016 vs. July 2016)

  4. +52.33% increase in overall impressions for all search queries (April 2016 vs. July 2016)

  5. Increase in average position of all search queries from 15.8 (April 2015) to 10.9 (July 2015)

„As the European market leader for last minute holidays we are faced with complex and technically ambitious challenges on a daily basis. With OMMAX by our side we have a reliable and wholly committed partner who always supports us successfully with our search marketing."

- L’TUR Tourismus

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