Slidelfight a Munich based SaaS-Startup company founded in 2015 is focused on the presentation market providing various software offerings to share and view presentations on desktop and mobile devices. For PowerPoint-Users there is a dedicated Slideflight-AddIn and a corresponding App available. Furthermore with Beamium as a Web-based solution it is easily possible to share PDF-presentations within an audience. Both solutions Slideflight and Beamium allow to present and share presentations on mobile devices for any kind of audience , face to face or remote. The global market represents more than 30 mio presentations held every day . While the solutions are free to use for private consumers, revenue is generated by a subscription model for businesses and conference organizers.


Founded in 2015 in Munich, Germany, the startup company Slideflight developed the eponymous PowerPoint Add-In that allows users to view PowerPoint presentations live and synchronously on various devices. While the application is free to use for private consumers, revenue is generated by a subscription model for businesses and conference organizers.

The Challenge

  1. Develop and implement an innovative holistic online and offline concept for a start up to thrive in a competitive and challenging market

  2. Set up a digital strategy within different channels to create brand awareness, reach potential customers and show the benefits of the business, broadcasting presentations live via its platform

The Strategy

  1. In-depth tracking of all marketing activities to monitor and optimize Slideflight’s ROI. Hence also the measurement of offline activities at fairs,  speeches and trade shows are important to monitor the increased app downloads

  2. Using other digital marketing activities including paid advertising (SEA) on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter as well as email marketing to increase traffic, add-in downloads and conversion rates

  3. Contribution to establish and increase brand awareness as well as an elaborated backlink portfolio to enhance the website’s SEO performance and improve the important Google quality factor

  4. Developing a global content strategy for social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), websites and blogs in order to reach out to a big target audience

The Results

  1. With OMMAX’s strategic approach and digital expertise, Slideflight could establish and build a substantial user base and establish a successful brand image

  2. Slideflight gained valuable insights into its potential customer base and increased leads with on- and offline marketing efforts

  3. With a structured and sophisticated reporting setup, conversions and successful downloads were manageable and scalable from the beginning

  4. Expansion into different markets and audiences were rapidly possible to successfully perform Slideflight’s business operations

"OMMAX helped us gain ground in the market. With an optimally aligned digital marketing strategy we could introduce our product to our key audience and gain valuable leads.”

- Georg Kremer, Managing Director


In this complete marketing service project for the young business, different strategic and digital activities were combined for the highest possible online visibility. With Social Media, SEO and SEA as well as offline marketing activities, high-quality leads interested in a long-term subscription could be gained.

Time to get your conversions up.