MyHandicap Germany is a non-profit organization, founded in 2005. The organization aims to improve the life of people with physical and mental disabilities; it provides information and counseling to facilitate an independent life for disabled people and their dependents. 

The Challenge

  1. Optimizing the SEO performance to increase SEO traffic and improving website user-friendliness for visitors seeking specific information

  2. Reworking Google Ads campaigns to increase SEA traffic and especially traffic quality from ads as well as conversions

Actions Taken

  1. OMMAX provided strategic consulting to optimize the online performance of the MyHandicap Website, in terms of concept development, keyword research, keyword mapping, tracking and reporting. 

  2. With a new content strategy in place, the integration of relevant search terms on the website was specified to assimilate high quality content. On-and off-page measures improved the internal navigation, site function, and the backlink portfolio. 

  3. The Google Ads account was optimized by introducing new account, ad and keyword structure in order to bid for the most relevant keywords. This resulted in a striking increase in Click Through Rates (CTR) in addition to improved ad positions on the Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Due to a great increase in the quality factor, a more favorable position could be achieved with Cost per Click (CPC) only increasing slightly.

KPI records

  1. +1,127.8% increased visibility in search results (Sistrix Visibility Index)

  2. +132% Organic Visits 

  3. +2.1% Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

  4. +1.3 position improvement

“Due to OMMAX’s consultancy services, we managed to direct more traffic to our homepage and gained a significant increase in requests from website visitors.”

- Robert Freumuth, CEO MyHandicap

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