Professional data analyses are pertinent in today’s digital world. It is crucial to establish a holistic tracking and data analysis concept for online marketing, in order to provide maximum transparency while measuring performance on different levels. 

Data & Analytics
Combining business intelligence with high-quality analytics

  • Sophisticated tracking infrastructure

    We analyze existing databases, evaluate data quality and integrate all the information into one tracking system. The implementation of conversion tracking and Google Tag Management are imperative to collect all available information. The goal is to: understand visitor behavior, determine site user interactions, investigate which sites are performing best and which could be improved.

  • Customer insights

    The aforementioned analyses reveal consumer location and whether they come from direct traffic, paid traffic, organic traffic or referral traffic sources. Customers’ digital journeys shed light on which products have been viewed, which products have been allocated in shopping carts and how many users exit the process before buying; further data can reveal when and where the exiting happens.

  • KPI reports

    To get the most valuable information, we create online performance reports which allow for the combination of different metrics from different sources and thus provide the most comprehensive insights. Observe monthly developments in marketing performance and check the influence of recent changes. It will contribute to a detailed overview about what is happening on the website, about strengths and potential for improvement.


    The OMMAX data center

    The OMMAX Data Center fosters further links and special analyses. The findings can be provided in addition to regular reports; adapting or including new metrics is viable. This pool of data enables integrated approaches into the identification and monitoring of our activity.

Why data & analytics with OMMAX?

  • Transform raw information into insights and extract actionable elements
  • Management reports are tailored exactly to client needs
  • Provision of valuable insights into customer base

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