In order to make the best of customer relationship management and interpret data correctly, it is necessary to gather elaborate customer insights. This helps to:

  • Get to know customers
  • Follow customer journeys
  • Maximise conversions
  • Customise the user experience 
  • Know where customers are coming from
  • Build up customer loyalty

Getting to know the customer base is crucial for e-commerce businesses in every industry. In such a highly competitive market like the online market it is especially important to optimize the marketing spending on target groups. Most businesses have a clear notion on what their target group looks like, but have never possessed qualified information on the customer base. The challenge is to analyze all that data to achieve a scalable improvement in customer relationship management.

Customer Insights

  • Understanding

    Google Analytics is a powerful tool that helps to understand how customers reach the website. The tool provides information on where the user comes from geographically, if he/she comes through branded or non-branded search, social media channels or advertising.

  • Monitoring

    By monitoring customer journeys e-commerce businesses are able to evaluate exactly at which point users might leave the purchase funnel.

  • Adressing

    When a company has a clear picture about who its customers are, it is possible to address users more personal than ever before and for example custom build landing pages for different kind of user groups.

Why Customer Insights with OMMAX?

  • Experience
    OMMAX has been helping companies, across various industries, to better understand their users and to build customer loyalty for years to come
  • Customized solutions
    Our usability experts conceive custom built solutions for client-specific industries 
  • Holistic services
    OMMAX specializes in comprehensive digital solutions that combine SEA, SEO, user experience, strategical advisory and data analytics.

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