Digital business offers countless opportunities to reach out to customers. To find out which of these options works best for our clients, testing is an invaluable step, such as:

  • A/B testing
  • Landing page design
  • User response tracking
  • Data evaluation
  • Effective targeting
  • Improved ROI

Testing Environment

  • Customer reach

    Testing helps us compare different versions of designs to find out which one performs the best. With an optimized website design, our clients are able to effectively target and reach customers.

  • Evaluate real user data

    We work with testing tools such as Optimizely to track actual user responses to the different design versions. Metrics such as click-through-rates and conversion rates are important indicators of a website's performance.

  • Find the best designs

    In close cooperation with our clients, we develop two versions of a website. Different attributes of these versions can be: placements of call-to-actions, color schemes or text arrangements. The goal of testing is to find out which version performs best in reaching customers and corresponding conversion rates. 


Improve digital performance with OMMAX

  • Digital experts at OMMAX
    Our team consists of experts in design, marketing and data analysis. We apply sophisticated methods to help maximize digital performance and guarantee to take all important aspects of website design and performance evaluation into account when developing the best website for our clients’ businesses!          
  • Improve digital performance                                                                                                          OMMAX helps business reach surpass goals: reach out to customers, enhance conversions, shape digital reputation and improve overall business performance! 

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