Consumers are becoming increasingly more digital, propelling a new wave of sales and marketing. Digital marketing is one of the most important concepts facing today’s business environment. By user identification on a two-way platform, interactive commerce enables consumers to make online purchases through customized services.



Digital Marketing
Data-driven digital marketing strategies

  • Dynamic brand management

    Effective brand management and customer targeting has been enhanced through digital technology, which trace online activities of current and potential customers. However, in line with traditional marketing, it is fundamental to establish a structured plan and strategy to target customers, measure campaigns and budget expenditures. Based on our expertise and the analysis of current marketing activities, we will identify where decisive improvements can be made.

    Valuable customer insights 

    In order to build a strong online presence, it is vital to understand the audience in depth. When measuring performance and success rates, our marketing consultants work closely with our clients to determine target groups, brand reputation and KPIs that are aligned with corporate business goals. We uncover the following:

    What is the current customer buying behavior?

    Is a consumer-centric marketing approach in place?

    How can we employ big data sets to grasp customer information?

    After fine-tuning and validating important customer insights, we will consolidate the findings into a cohesive digital marketing plan.

  • Performance monitoring and improvement

    In order to ensure tangible benefits and sustainable results, we continuously monitor the performance of our clients; digital marketing activities and take advantage of big data to make better decisions, at a faster rate.

    Customer relationship management

    For the most effective promotion of a company’s brand, products and services, we implement and steadily refine high-performance, digital marketing solutions. We also manage complex customer relationships across a variety of channels (e.g. SEO, SEA, social, content) amongst different devices.

    Fast and data-driven adaption of marketing measures

    We provide continuous digital marketing optimization and support, in order to adapt to a fluctuating digital world. We aim to implement digital marketing strategies that drive customers’ digital behavior to leverage new business models and e-commerce that spur increased profitability. 

Toni Stork, Managing Partner / CEO, OMMAX

"Our experts are in a continuous dialogue with our clients to maximize the full digital potential and find new ways to increase conversions and RoI."

Toni Stork, Managing Partner/CEO

Why digital marketing with OMMAX?

  • Increased digital visibility of company, products and services 
  • Matching of digital processes with a sophisticated tracking and reporting system
  • Valuable customer insights and a business intelligence infrastructure

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