Effective content propels brand positioning, customer acquisition, lead generation and customer loyalty. 

Content Marketing
tailored to your business

  • Content strategy

    OMMAX helps clients to define target groups, specify USPs and set KPIs. We set objectives for short term goals (creating a coverage for content distribution, generating social buzz and backlinks for website traffic), and for long term goals (community building, branding, reputation optimization, visibility on search engines, long-term customer relationships or cooperation with influencers).

    Content conception & planning

    Alongside our clients, we create a campaign concept across multiple platforms and mediums considering company-specific characteristics. By researching relevant client information, we will explore new, and rework, current practices. The evaluation of the performance and the client feedback helps us to adhere to a strategic direction.

    Content outreach/promotion

    OMMAX increases the reach of our clients’ content, using the most appropriate channels for their targets and their companies, e.g. owned media (website, blog), Social Media, SEA and SEO.

  • Content creation

    OMMAX covers a wide range of content creation services:

    • new website content
    • corporate blogs – both single articles and complete administration
    • editing and proofreading of existing content
    • PR content, e.g. press releases, blog articles, infographics or mailings
    • SEO copywriting
    • SEA content creation
    • Social media content
    • Influencer marketing: win influencers, plan and monitor their content
    • E-Mailing/Newsletter

    All these services are offered in several languages (German, English, French, Spanish and Italian amon others).

  • Monitoring

    A detailed tracking and reporting of all the taken actions is a self-evident part of our content marketing services. We also create and implement an effective reporting for existing content measures.

Why Content Marketing with OMMAX?

  • high quality due to journalistic trained staff
  • detailed tracking and reporting to measure the ROI
  • holistic range of services - strategy, creation, sharing

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