With the vast number of websites and increasing amount of online content it has been important to be found by your target audiences for quite a while. As organic positioning is often hard to control, paid search offers an opportunity to show the most relevant results in a top position to potential customers. Due to quick and frequent changes from Google and in the market it is increasingly important to have a partner who keeps your Google Ads account up-to-date, manages your campaigns as efficiently as possible and informs you about all those updates.

Search Engine Advertising
Visibility to target audience

  • In-depth Google Ads account audits

    OMMAX provides a comprehensive assessment of the current performance of Google Ads accounts, personalized to the know-how and needs of our clients. Based on the audit, OMMAX shows growth and optimization potentials of paid search performance.

  • Google Ads account creation and optimization following latest best practices

    Quality is key to have a favorable Google rating for paid search; OMMAX creates and optimizes accounts following the latest Google best practices, as well as making use of profound experience in paid search optimization for various business models. The quality of our SEA work is confirmed by BVDB, rating OMMAX one of the top 10 SEA consultancies in Germany.


  • Data driven paid search management

    OMMAX uses a data driven approach for decision making and optimization.

    • Daily, weekly and monthly performance reports
    • Frequent evaluation of results of all measures taken
    • Performance assessment of different segments
    • Full picture approach incorporating offline factors and overall online development
    • A/B testing

    Due to quick changes affecting costs of paid search, detailed monitoring and an analytical approach to all decisions is the base of the success of our clients’ businesses for OMMAX.

Why SEA with OMMAX?

  • Proven expertise in a variety of markets
  • Data automatizations for performance monitoring and optimization
  • In-house fluency in German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Swedish and other languages

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