Development and execution of a customized digital strategy

Defining and developing a competitive digital strategy is a fundamental step for any firm’s digital implementation. With thorough market research, goal-tracking and continual strategy optimization, OMMAX solutions drive our clients to thrive in the digital environment.



Digital Strategy with OMMAX
Digital Strategy Business model development to yield new revenue streams

  • Development

    While collaborating alongside our clients, OMMAX develops individual digital strategies tailored to company-specific goals and conditions. We help our clients explore digital opportunities in their specific market. Our team of experts conduct thorough market and competitor research to define digitalization goals, specify target groups and the USP’s of our clients’ businesses.


    After developing client-specific digital solutions, we serve to execute digital strategies in alignment to corporate goals. This entails building up and/or improving the digital brand across several channels such as a company website, partner websites, social media and more. Our team consists of experts in content creation, social media management, web development, big data management, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine advertisement (SEA). Whatever digital expertise our client’s corporate strategy may involve, we are well prepared!


    Our team tracks feedback gained from a company’s digital activity and accordingly, refines our client’s strategy. In addition to consumer response and engagement, OMMAX incorporates diverse metrics to measure strategy performance. Our data experts consolidate findings into personalized reports for our clients to identify precise optimization measures for their companies.

  • KPI monitoring

    We evaluate digital performance and correspondingly, adapt to our clients’ corporate strategy. 

    Digital KPIs include:


    Corporate blogs – both single articles and complete                            administration


    Conversion rate

    Customer Lifetime Value

    Customer acquisition costs

    Social media followers/engagement


    Online visibility and digital market shares


    Average order value and order frequency

    Newsletter signups


  • Managing results

    To deliver the best results for our clients, we host constant feedback loops to achieve and surpass strategic goals, spurring inspiration for new targets.  



What we offer in Digital Strategy

Dr. Stefan Sambol, Managing Partner, OMMAX

"If you want to compete in today’s digital marketplace, executives must adhere to a cohesive digitalization strategy."

Dr. Stefan Sambol, Managing Partner

Why digital strategy with OMMAX?

  • Tailored digital strategies in order to reach business goals and increase ROI
  • Continuous, detailed reporting, based on individual goals and measures
  • International, multidisciplinary team in close cooperation with our clients

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