With the advent of digital innovation, the pace of new technological advancements and the disruption of entire industries, every business is pressured to reconsider current processes and business operations.

With OMMAX’s strategy, planning and execution of complex digital transformation projects our senior digital consultants create tailored solutions that create sustained success in the digital world.

Digital Strategy Development with OMMAX

  • Digital footprint analysis

    Firstly, we first analyze digital status quo in order to derive implications and reveal digital potential according to industry sector. With the latest technology and business intelligence tools, we benchmark our clients against competitors and how their overall performance within their respective markets.

  • Digital visibility

    With OMMAX’s experienced senior SEO and SEA consultants, we help to increase the digital visibility of our clients’ companies, products and services in the organic and paid results of search engines or e-commerce platforms. Since many factors are important to consider we understand where detailed fine-tuning is necessary.

  • Online presence

    User experience and customer centric orientation is key to succeed and survive in the digital world. For instance, 60% of people use either mobile phones or tablets whilst searching for information. We assess whether our clients have a responsive website (all devices), which pages are optimized for user experience, and conversion with a quick check-out process. We help to overcome these hurdles and raising conversion rates. Especially the adjustment of your current web infrastructure is a first step towards a conversion optimized customer journey.

  • Digital brand management

    The secret to great digital marketing is to know where customers are online, where they meet to talk, and what they want from the brands. We aim to increase brand awareness with social media, blogs, news and websites in order to gain and maintain an enhanced brand reputation.

  • Tracking/Business intelligence

    Reporting to the CEO and marketing department always involves numbers and structured reports that are backed up with transparent information and benchmarks. Our analytics and tracking experts set up a sophisticated and customized tracking and reporting system with a business intelligence infrastructure. We deliver monthly reports that are visualized and easy to understand that reflect current and ongoing performance for the convenience of our clients.

"The way of classical consulting is dramatically changing due to digitally transformative business adaptations, increasing the market’s responsiveness, meaning every business needs a digital strategy."

Dr. Stefan Sambol, Managing Partner

OMMAX senior consultants deliver the highest quality:

  • we bring together a multi-disciplinary and dedicated senior team across strategy, design and technology
  • excellence in digital business strategy, user experience, user interface design, e-commerce, web development, and project management
  • expertise in complex projects for large and international B2B and B2C corporations
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