We provide exceptional digital transaction advisory services and investment research into digital assets for venture capitalists, private equity firms and investors from a variety of industries.



Digital Transaction Advisory Services with OMMAX

  • Target Analysis

    As an experienced partner in digital due diligence, we identify, analyze and evaluate digital targets and their potential, as well as performance improvement opportunities.

    Unique approach

    We combine our inimitable capabilities in digital strategy, operations, technology and digital marketing to steer the complexity of M&A transactions and leverage our cross functional team.

    Commercial Due Diligence

    We evaluate target management forecasts in the commercial environment, analyze risks and opportunities within the target market, and determine the strength of the target’s competitive positioning.

  • Investment Decision Support

    OMMAX's analyses and evaluations are based on well-researched, integrated views on all aspects of the transaction, both on the buyer or seller side.  This provides highly customized, commercial transaction support to both private equity and corporate investment clients.

  • Increase long-term profits

    With the support of enhanced digital measures and technologies, we help to create long-term operational value for increased profits and EBIT. Our team is experienced within the corporate investment industry and are aware of maximizing the value by developing organizational growth strategies, while providing strategic process optimization for gaining competitive advantages. 

Christiane Jauch, Managing Partner, OMMAX

"Understanding different markets and industries from a digital angle is a key asset in order to evaluate potential target and portfolio companies."

Christiane Jauch, Managing Partner

Why Digital Transaction Advisory with OMMAX?

  • Operational excellence, strategic and commercial rationale
  • Senior team with extensive experience in transaction services
  • Execution of complex e-commerce due diligences for private equity and financial investors

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