A website is a modern business card. It displays the most important information while serving as a main lead generator. As today’s businesses are becoming increasingly more digital and user-centric, development solutions are critical to ensure brilliant business performance and reputation. 

Web Development
tailored to our clients’ businesses

  • Responsive design solutions

    Responsive Design (RD) aims at optimizing the viewing experience, including navigation and usability, based on the user’s device. RD delivers an intuitive experience across the full spectrum of devices, systems, and technologies.

  • User-centric design

    Understanding business environments and its users are at the center of web development projects; that is why we involve customers throughout the whole design and development process. We continuously maintain web solutions to stay in proximity to the business and customer needs.

  • Website development

    Our experts develop modern websites with state-of-the-art frontend technology (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript). Our goal is to make information easily accessible, whilst including conversion-oriented elements such as clear call-to-actions.



  • App development

    To combat the complexity of app development, we carry out robust development process, saving time and money for our clients. Alongside our clients, we decipher the following points:

    • Requirement capture & definition
    • Concept sketching & storyboarding
    • Research & development
    • Graphics & artwork
    • Development phase
    • Alpha & beta prototypes
    • Testing & UAT
    • App stores submission
    • Content & cloud management
  • Content & cloud management

    OMMAX aids the efficiency and security of business processes with sophisticated content and cloud management. We identify and install the best content management system (CMS) for client-specific needs and execute - or support - the design process. Our information architects warrant that the information is accessible to users and conforms to current SEO standards. 

  • Social media profile design

    Social media profiles are a brand extension that shape digital character. Our team crafts visual identity for each social channel for our clients by fusing online activity to boost the brand profile.

Why web development with OMMAX will improve digital appearance:

  • Development and design experts are able to realize complicated web solutions
  • User-centric and conversion-oriented websites and apps with state-of-the-art technology
  • Target users on any device and increase conversions

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