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OMMAX offers several workshops in specific areas of digital transformation, digital visibility or customer UX/ design. We cater to businesses with a formulated digital strategy as well as those embarking on the newly found digital landscape. 

Digital strategy workshop

A digital strategy workshop is a great opportunity to grasp a holistic overview of what the business needs to successfully mitigate the risks and reap the benefits of a digital transformation.

Depending on the timeframe (1-2 days), the goals of a digital strategy workshop are to:

  • Develop a consistent understanding of the business
  • Define the integration of the online sales strategies into existing business structure
  • Determine responsibilities for future and strategic requirements of the current discovery phase
  • Develop a package of measures with precisely defined next steps for the business

Search engine optimization (SEO) workshop

OMMAX’s custom SEO workshops are a high-energy, comprehensive, and collaborative experience that culminate in a complete makeover of website performance in Google and other search engines. We offer individual workshops for beginners, advanced users and professionals.

Paid ad/search engine advertising (SEA) workshop

The workshop allows our trainees to create an Google Ads campaign with good advertising texts and the right keywords. We will cover the most important basic settings and will be able to start directly with Google advertising.

PR and social media strategy workshop

An integrated social media strategy is a foundation to engage and understand customers both in B2B and B2C segments. In our workshop, we will demonstrate the implications of a strong vs. weak social media strategy in place.

Given that social media encompasses many facets like videos, images, written content, and even KPI analyses, we strive to provide a broad view which can serve as a starting point for a profound understanding. With these tools, we prepare our clients to kick-off a suitable social media strategy or inherently improve their current one. The social media portion of our workshop covers:

  • Which KPIs and channels to connect with the business
  • How to gain success via social media and target the right audience (organic and paid)
  • Analyse and identify which channels and processes are currently missing
  • Engage with the right audience, build trust, loyalty and long-term brand awareness
  • How to engage with customers and high influencers to spread campaigns while addressing customer issues
  • Create a customized plan to implement a coherent social media strategy 
  • Integrate analytical techniques in order to measure the results and derive improvements over time
  • First glimpse of how to do “social selling” and lead generation via social media

Customer journey/UX workshop

    OMMAX’s customer journey workshop is all about a firm’s most important assets: Current and potential customers.

  • A customer workshop is a great hands-on and practical tool to immediately identify customer  issues and untapped opportunities to attract new customers 
  • Learn how to map a customer journey and how to apply this powerful storytelling tool within  different scenarios
  • Take home valuable insights and think differently about the role of the company, whilst  bearing in mind the customer journey/purchasing process
  • Become visually descriptive of the entire customer experience (thinking, feeling and doing) 

Content and copywriting strategy workshop

Convincing people with content is challenging. However, it is imperative to generate fresh and high quality substance to successfully increase digital visibility and page rank in search engines. In this intense 2-day workshop, clients learn the vital necessities to plan, develop, and execute a content strategy for their business. Clients walk away with a skillset to measure the impact of content marketing on their business ventures.

Key take-aways from the content strategy workshop: differentiating healthy, easy-to-read content and how to use the right KPIs for content marketing campaigns:

  • Unique visitors/page views
  • Length of visit/average time on page
  • Number of blog comments
  • Recommendations & social signals
  • Search engine referral traffic
  • Social shares, comments, and inbound links

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