Acceleration in a new age

Who we are

We are passionate about digital excellence. 

OMMAX creates the digital industry leaders of tomorrow. Combining operational excellence with digital entrepreneurial leadership skills, our dynamic team takes a client-first approach to the delivery of digital solutions.

Our method revolves around the creation and distribution of successful customer collaboration and digital transformation, combining unique global strategy skills with data-driven analytics of the highest quality. Based on digital frameworks, specific to OMMAX, we can quantify your digital maturity and potential. Start accelerating towards a new age today!

We are entrepreneurs and have a passion for digital business models. Our team approaches issues from several different angles, continuously communicating with you to maximize visibility and growth.

Meet our team

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Toni Stork

Toni Stork

Dr. Stefan Sambol

Dr. Stefan Sambol

Dr. Anja Konhaeuser

Dr. Anja Konhäuser

Christiane Jauch

Christiane Jauch

Olaf Peter Schleichert

Olaf Peter Schleichert

What we do

We are supporting companies in becoming the digital frontrunners of tomorrow. By collaborating closely with our customers and partners, we support them with tailor-made solutions that suit their individual needs to accelerate in a new age.

To do so, >150 OMMAX experts with diverse backgrounds are constantly working on creating value through digital initiatives.

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Digital Experts

What we Believe in 

For us, diversity is not only a concept but a constant state. We believe in the power of different backgrounds and ideas. 

Therefore, it is our firm belief that a diverse team structure and an open mindset without prejudices or exclusion is not only the right thing to aim for but also the foundation of our success.

Diversity & Social Impact


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We want to share our experience of >700 projects with other people. Therefore, we are constantly publishing articles in well-known newspaper, magazine and scientific journals.

In addition, we are keeping our network updated with OMMAX news on a regular basis.

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