About us

We bring together the best digital talents in the market to create long-term value for our clients

We believe that everyone can become a digital leader

We are passionate about digital excellence, creating the digital industry leaders of tomorrow. Combining operational excellence with digital entrepreneurial leadership skills, our dynamic team takes a client-first approach to deliver digital solutions.

Our method revolves around creating and distributing successful customer collaboration and digital transformation, combining unique global strategy skills with data-driven analytics of the highest quality. 

We are entrepreneurs and have a passion for digital business models. Our team approaches issues from several angles, continuously communicating with you to maximize visibility and growth. Start accelerating towards a new age today!

We are an International and Diverse Team

We’re proud of our ability to foster an environment where every employee feels welcome and has the opportunity to reach new heights. Together, we move towards the future and define the digital age!

300+ Employees
Founded in 2011
50:50 Male-Female ratio
40+ Members in our leadership team leading expert teams
50+ Countries
25+ languages Spoken
1500+ Projects

What we do

At OMMAX, we are BUILDING DIGITAL LEADERS in Europe, and we firmly believe that this reflects best what we do:

  1. We support our clients in becoming digital industry leaders through excellence in strategy and execution services.
  2. We hire and grow the best digital talents in the market to build a strong digital team by DNA.

Driven by this claim, we have the clear objective of driving innovation and accelerating digital growth and profitability. We offer digital transaction strategy, digital growth strategy, and creative execution for forward-thinking companies and leading private equity firms.

As a trusted advisor in commercial-, digital-, technical- and data/product due diligence, we identify, analyze, and evaluate targets, their digital readiness across the value chain, market, customer, and competitive dynamics, as well as their (digital) growth potential. Over the last ten years, with 250+ deals, €15.5B deal value and 1,500+ value creation projects for our clients, we were able to build a database of 110m+ data points that we use to identify transformative growth opportunities and disruption risks and to develop data-based full potential programs.

With 300+ digital experts in-house, we orchestrate the digital growth journey after the successful acquisition with the management and jointly build the digital equity story with our clients.

our team belief

For us, diversity is not only a concept but a constant state. We believe in the power of different backgrounds and ideas. We believe that a diverse team structure and an open mindset without prejudices or exclusion is the right thing to aim for and the foundation of our success.

Discover more on Diversity & Social Impact at OMMAX

Team Spirit and Culture

The great team spirit and inclusive culture are what makes us unique.
Through the frequent OMMAX events, townhall, get togethers, and bonding
team events we strengthen our team culture.

impressions from the opening event of our
new headquarters in the heart of Munich:

Meet the OMMAX Co-Founders

Toni Stork

Toni Stork

Dr. Stefan Sambol

Dr. Stefan Sambol

Dr. Anja Konhäuser

Dr. Anja Konhäuser

Christiane Jauch

Christiane Jauch