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Industry Insights


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E-commerce for luxury brands – best practices
Digital MarketingMarketingGrowth StrategyDigital Go-to-MarketE-commerce

What is standard in e-commerce, often does not apply to luxury brands. Nevertheless, these companies must arrive in the digital age. Here is why and how.

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4 Steps Toward Content Performance
Digital MarketingMarketingGrowth StrategyDigital Go-to-Market

More than 90 % of all pages get no organic traffic at all from Google. Here is how to push your content into the other 10 percent.

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5 Strategic Steps for COOs to Face a Potential Recession
Digital StrategyBusiness ServicesGrowth Strategy

COOs of companies play a crucial role in times of an economic slowdown. It is in their hands to increase efficiency and to exploit opportunities.

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AI in marketing – why, where and how
Digital Marketing

Many companies still lack an understanding of how AI can help them. A look at the benefits, areas of application and the approach to AI marketing.

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The patient journey in digital healthcare

Connecting with patients is more important than ever for keeping pace with competitors in the healthcare sector. That's why a strong patient journey is needed.

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Sales excellence 2.0
Lead GenerationDigital MarketingB2BB2C

The Corona pandemic has shown that a strong online presence is very important for sales departments nowadays. But how can they succeed in the digital age?

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Much potential for digitalization in healthcare
HealthcareDigital Strategy

There is a lot of potential for digitalization for the majority of the companies in the healthcare industry, which has not yet been tapped into.

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Digital maturity of investments
Digital Due DiligenceTransaction AdvisoryPrivate Equities & Investors

Investors should examine the status quo of a target company’s digital maturity. This can be done within a Digital Due Diligence by focusing on five crucial points.

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Private Equity Funds as Drivers of Digitalisation
Private Equities & InvestorsTransaction Advisory

Many companies are struggling with digitalisation. Private equity firms now always conduct digital due diligence tests in order to evaluate the associated potential for value creation.

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The Democratization of Data
Business IntelligenceAdvanced Data Analytics

Currently, the business world is progressively developing a datacentric culture. Changing a business culture is a difficult and long process that requires effort from both managers and employees.

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Digital Assets as Value Drivers
Business Intelligence

Fostered by COVID-19, the modern business world is increasingly driven by digitalization. Most companies across industries, from traditional SMEs to conglomerates, are developing into media businesses, maintaining their social media accounts or…

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The cookie apocalypse is approaching
Digital Marketing

The age of third-party cookies is coming to an end: A new law will come into force on December 21, 2021, which will make it difficult to track usage data. But there are alternatives that companies can use.

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The shrinking cloud provider dependency
Business IntelligenceDigital StrategyDigital Transformation

Multicloud and hybrid cloud are emerging cloud computing trends which describe the use of multiple cloud providers or a mixture of cloud providers and own infrastructure capabilities. These trends hint at a change in paradigm in the cloud business -…

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Data, Cloud, & AI - 5 Current Trends in Digital Marketing
Advanced Data AnalyticsDigital Marketing

The possibilities for generating data continue to grow and offer immense opportunities for digital marketing - if the data is used correctly and the appropriate strategies are derived from it. These five trends should be on every marketing agenda.

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Why to perform a digital due diligence
Digital Due DiligenceTransaction AdvisoryPrivate Equities & Investors

Digital business models are not only becoming overwhelmingly important for consumers, but to the same extent valuable for investors. Established consulting firms are facing challenges when it comes to questions around “digital,” and experts are…

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Experts Insights

Meet Isabella Calderon Hoyos, Vice President of Strategy & Transactions at OMMAX, who takes you through her world of 10+ years in private equity. At OMMAX, Isabella leads commercial and digital due diligence projects with a key focus on business services and education.

Meet Pia-Christina Bonde, Vice President of Digital Acquisition at OMMAX. Pia advises our clients on cross-channel digital marketing strategies, develops digital customer journeys, and maps holistic strategies.

Meet Fabian Geissler, Vice President of Marketing Automation at OMMAX, who is responsible for the development and execution of content strategies and marketing automation for our clients.

Meet Christian Brugger, partner at OMMAX, who is also leading the Data Science & Business Intelligence unit. He handles digital strategies for clients ranging from B2B businesses to e-commerce players, focusing on data analytics and data engineering.