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Start your digital transformation with our advanced data analytics and data science services. With experience of over 800 projects, we advise you from your data strategy to the operation of your data solutions and services with a 100-day roadmap

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We provide advanced data analytics and data science solutions that focus on your key business challenges. Based on your business model, we develop strategies, concepts and solutions to enable data-driven decision making and data-driven performance optimization.

To holistically address business challenges, we provide advanced data analytics services along your entire data value chain, such as data strategy, data architecture and data engineering services, and advanced analytics and data science optimization use cases. Our services are tailored to your specific industry (B2C and B2B) and relevant functional areas of focus, such as marketing, sales, e-commerce, customer experience, finance, and operations.

Our 100-day roadmap to advanced data analytics

OMMAX's 100-day roadmap to advanced data analytics

OMMAX has a proven approach to create value from your data: with a 100-days definition of the ideal data strategy followed by the implementation phase for direct value creation.

Data Strategy and Data Due Diligence

  • Use Case Identification and Prioritization

An effective data strategy and the resulting data setup is highly dependent on choosing the right use cases for data.  We help clients to identify and prioritize the data use cases that have the most impact on their business and at the same time are suitable to effectively set the basis for the development of the underlying company data strategy.


  • 100-Day Data Strategy Development 

An explicit data strategy is the foundation for relevant and privacy compliant high quality data assets that can be leveraged to generate business value. Starting with a set of strategic data use cases, we help our clients to develop a suitable strategy. This consists of providing a functional target picture for their data setup and giving clear guidance on the upcoming implementation choices, from data architecture, data sourcing and processing to organizational, data privacy and data governance aspects.

  • Data Quality Assessment

Monetarization of existing data for operational (e.g., flows between different operational systems such as e-commerce and data platforms) and analytical data use cases is highly dependent on the underlying quality of the captured and stored data. For example, data needs to be fit-for-purpose, consistent, complete and captured at a reasonable frequency. We help you to assess your current data quality as well as identify optimization potentials in your current data capturing setup and processing workflows. 


  • Data Product Development

Be it full scale data products targeted at your clients or internal products for consistent KPI-delivery and forecasting, leveraging data for operational or decision-making purposes is a complex process. It necessitates deep business and customer understanding, extensive data engineering and explorative analysis, rapid feedback loops on the product, UX development, as well as implementation aspects (backend, frontend, dashboards). With OMMAX’s interdisciplinary approach, we help you to bring your use cases from idea to conception to production.

Data Platforms and Architecture

  • Data Architecture Concept and Implementation 

Data architecture sits at the intersection of business and technology. An organization’s data architecture is a conceptual blueprint of how key data is stored and flows across the organization. This blueprint will guide how the different operating parts (infrastructure, systems, data storage) are designed and come together to enable the company’s business model and its data-driven products or services. We assist our clients with their digital transformation process, to help them become more data-driven. We are doing so by developing a future-proof data architecture concept as well as the following implementation along our clients’ data quality, latency, volume, variety, traceability, security, and integration requirements for their specific use cases.


  • Cloud Infrastructure Consulting 

Companies gain many advantages by using cloud-based solutions, such as: Flexibility through scalability, operational efficiency by setting a focus on cloud-managed-solutions and strategic value by faster development speed for improved time-to-market. We help our clients define overarching cloud strategies, develop related cloud migration roadmaps, and identify the best cloud provider that is fit for their purpose. We support making the right cloud infrastructure choices for our client's requirements (e.g., applications as well as data storage and processing needs), covering cloud infrastructure components such as networks, data warehouses and data lakes, ETL-tooling, and advanced analytics components.

  • Data Warehouse and Data Lake Implementation 

When it comes to storing big data, the most established options are data warehouses and data lakes. The focus of these technologies is always the collection and storage of company-wide data. At OMMAX we follow the approach that the selection of architecture and (combination of) technologies should be based on the business requirements and restrictions for the enablement of specified use cases. Based on these individual requirements, we determine the best-fitting data storage solution for your project and define a concrete implementation plan. As part of the implementation, we set up the core infrastructure and its configuration, develop the data models, as well as select and implement the right data pipelines and processing tools.


  • Marketing Technologies Services 

A core component of a company’s technology stack is technology that supports processing customer data to leverage it for the purposes of marketing and advertisement, personalization and customer relationship management. Strategic assessments in this marketing technology field include make-or-buy decisions as well as the thorough evaluation of functional overlaps and differences between proprietary solutions. We work with our clients to identify their specific requirements and use cases to develop a technology target picture for their marketing landscape. We implement the technological basis for our clients on which they can create customized, contextual, and personal experiences for their customers, prospects, and partners. With our interdisciplinary teams, we offer consultancy on providers and systems across the entire marketing and sales tech environment such as web tracking technology, customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer data platforms (CDP).

Data Engineering Services

  • Data Mining 

Our experts can efficiently search and extract data from thousands of online sources such as social media sites, blogs, forums, online publications, business directories and thousands of web pages. In addition, we have the know-how to quickly crawl the web to get our clients the data and analysis they need. And lastly and most importantly, we enable you to stitch the data from different sources together with your proprietary first party customer data to provide a more holistic picture of the full customer journey.


  • Data Transformation, Integration, Migration Services 

When data needs to be transferred between operational and analytical systems, automated solutions are required to deliver the data according to business needs and requirements in a timely and efficient manner. A robust, scalable solution that can handle the growing data integration needs can help streamline complex extract, transform, load (ETL) tasks. Alongside the ETL processes the engineering team provides software solutions that bridges gaps between other applications, tools, and databases. These include cleaning and unifying messy and complex data sets for easy access and analysis as well as extraction and discovering patterns within the data sets involving methods at the intersection of machine learning, statistics, and database systems.

  • Business Process Automation 

We always advise our clients to focus on their core value creation activities and optimize their daily process workflows. We provide custom solutions for the automation of processes such as the automation of repetitive tasks, the management of rudimentary processing, and the handling of process logistics. Our tailor-made solutions can improve efficiency across your entire organization, freeing up users to focus on important, value-added tasks.


  • End-to-End Customer Journey Tracking 

With end-to-end customer journey tracking we create a holistic data view on the customer along the entire sales funnel from marketing to transaction and post-transaction customer management. This solution centralizes the customer and allows for the analysis of sequences of events which reveal real customer behavior. We place the power of analytics with decision makers and take a holistic view of business performance rather than a narrow focus on single KPIs. Although this approach is typically designed to impact marketing teams, this kind of analysis can offer crucial insights into many functional areas of your department across marketing, sales, tech, logistics, finance, etc. In terms of analytics and insights the approach combines a holistic view of the business goals with a highly granular view of customers along their journey. The insights generated by this type of solution are typically presented in multiple views to account for management level business insights but also operational teams’ optimization focus.

Data-Driven Optimization

  • Reporting Suite Setup

Insights generation and visualization is a key element in bridging the gap between business stakeholders and data experts. We leverage state-of-the-art software solutions such as Tableau and PowerBI to create attractive and easy to use dashboard solutions to analyze and visualize data insights. The dynamic reporting suites allow for hands-on filtering and deep diving into certain aspects, depending on the stakeholder level. We thereby cater to C-level management as well as to operational decision makers aiming at business optimization.


  • Marketing, Web, E-Commerce and Sales Funnel Optimization 

Due to OMMAX’s interdisciplinary approach we are experts at optimizing customer journeys based on data. We collect and leverage data from the relevant data sources and systems across the entire customer journey. By connecting marketing, web, e-commerce, and transaction data we can create a holistic view of the entire sales funnel. This allows for data-driven funnel conversion optimization along each step of the journey (marketing campaigns, website journeys, e-com shop, lead conversion, sales funnel process, etc.).


  • Customer Economics and Segmentation

Customer-centricity and customer experience is at the core of our data use cases. Ideally, all business activities should be informed by the perspective of the user or customer. Hence, understanding and analyzing your customer base is key for business success. Analyzing your existing customers in terms of customer economics will help you understand the healthiness of your customer base and opens up the relevant business and data driven approach for defining your ideal customers. Customer segmentation will facilitate more targeted acquisition and nurturing processes, increasing revenue.

  • Product and Portfolio Optimization 

Typically, the system and data setup of our clients reflects the functional organization setup. This means that data sources and the use of data tends to be very siloed, with each department working with a limited scope of data. We help our clients connect these different data buckets across marketing, sales, procurement, logistics, payment, and other departments to enable a holistic view on drivers and levers of profitability. This holistic overview allows our clients to assess the contributions and profitability of certain product groups, company portfolio elements and other measures, enabling them to use the insights gained to optimize individual functional activities.


  • Forecasting and Prediction 

Understanding the market developments and deriving the right dynamic actions is key for many of our clients. We can use data to help our clients take more active, rather than reactive, decisions. While descriptive and prescriptive analytics often open the door for insights and business optimization, predictive data models and solutions help you automate your decision-making and anticipate market changes. Through the use of sophisticated data science models, we create custom solutions for your forecasting and prediction use case – be it in sales, pricing, procurement or similar areas.

How OMMAX Can Help You Solve Key Business Challenges

  • Advise on the correct IT infrastructure and tools needed to collect, store, process and analyze data
  • Asses which analyses and apps are needed for the specific business model and how to integrate them into the company's existing IT system

  • In-depth analytics use case development to solve business problems using data

  • Assess your current data setup and define your overall data strategy with specific use cases to achieve your business strategy and financial objectives
  • Set up state-of-the-art data architectures to support your business needs and to enable advanced analytics solutions
  • Implement data processes and automation to make your data use more efficient and effective
  • Identify, conceptualize, and implement data-driven use cases for business optimization and data-driven decision making

Advanced Data Analytics and Data Science Clients

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The CWS Case

Case Study E-Commerce Growth Strategy Digital Experience Platform Digital Marketing E-commerce Advanced Data Analytics Customer Portals Digital Execution

Future winners think about marketing/sales optimization and growth in new ways, actively pursuing multiple digital transformation dimensions. Here is how, by integrating its business and technology strategy with the right partner, CWS built future growth for more than 10,000 employees and a 2019 revenue above €1,180 million!

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  • >4.5 billion € total revenue
  • >10,000 employees
  • >1.180 million € revenue in 2019

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