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Tech Insights 2024

To tackle challenges in increasingly complex business landscapes, we've pinpointed 8 tech drivers that, when implemented effectively, empower midsize enterprises to create sustainable business value.


OMMAX Healthcare Summit

Empowering the future of healthcare

Join us, along with leading experts, industry pioneers, and esteemed partners, as we explore the transformative potential of digitalization in healthcare in our Munich office.


Joss Hertle

Former Healthcare Lead, Google

Christoph Schubert

Founder, aiutanda

Josip Mestrovic

General Manager, Zentiva

Anja Konhäuser

Partner, OMMAX

Christian Brugger

Partner, OMMAX

Case Study

The Westwing Case Study

How we achieved a 40-50% efficiency increase through AI for the leading e-commerce home & living company.


Digital Expertise

Ommax Advisor & Expert Network

Our Advisor & Expert network connects the most inspiring and innovative digital leaders in Europe with our clients to drive their innovation & digital growth.


Vanessa Stützle

Vanessa Stützle


Dr. Marcus Englert

Dr. Marcus Englert


Katja Ruhnke


Dr. Joerg Storm


Martina Koederitz

Martina Koederitz


David Rogers


OMMAX Tech Talks 2023

Boosting business performance through data and AI

Discover concrete client success cases of leveraging data and AI for business optimization, shared during our exclusive Tech Talks 2023 event.


Gerke Jauch

Data Analyst, STIHL

Anastasios Papadopoulos

VP Asset Productivity and Logistics Execution, IFCO

Felix Neumayer

Head of SEO, Westwing

Digital Transaction Advisory 01

In our transaction audit, we delve into the resilience of the business model amidst evolving competition and assess the vast growth potential through digital distribution channels in the near future. Through digital due diligence, we meticulously analyze targets, evaluating their potential and growth opportunities in the digital age.

Digital Growth Strategy 02

Unlock growth and efficiency by combining existing products and services with digital technologies. We help you leverage your business potential or transform existing models to thrive in a digital world, with strategies tailored to your business and a data-backed approach ensuring measurable and lasting results.

Digital Execution 03

Master the art of executing ambitious strategies and transformation projects, whether pivoting to an entirely new approach or refining internal processes and methodologies. Our experienced digital and industry experts guarantee that the strategies crafted create real business impact.

We Specialize in Digital and Data-Enabled Growth for Leading Companies and Private Equity Firms






Transaction projects



Case Studies

The Zentiva Case

Zentiva is a Pan-European Platform developing, manufacturing, and providing high-quality and affordable medicines to more than 100 million people in [...]

Case Studies

The Westwing Case

Westwing is a leading home & living e-commerce company headquartered in Munich. With a product offering that covers all Home & Living categories, [...]

Case Studies

The KLAFS Case

KLAFS is the leading sauna manufacturer in Europe in the premium segment. In 1952, Erich Klafs delivered the first Erich Klafs Sauna, the first [...]

Case Studies

The LucaNet Case

LucaNet, the market leader in Corporate Performance Management tools, offers certified software for the preparation of financial statements, financial [...]

Driving Digital Transformation for Leading Investors

Accelerating Industry-Wide Digital Success

Doctor using smartphone

Industry Insights

AI in healthcare: How generative AI unlocks new use cases

With the advent of generative AI, the healthcare sector is beginning to change and take advantage of this new technology. But how exactly can AI [...]

Industry Insights

Omnichannel Strategy: Hurdles and Success Factors

Omnichannel aims to provide a seamless customer experience across all channels, blending physical and digital worlds. While technology has advanced [...]

Industry Insights

ESG in Private Equity: From Duty Fulfillment to Value Driver

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations have significantly evolved in the private equity landscape. Once viewed as a compliance [...]

Industry Insights

AI in Marketing: Trends in online search

The utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is leaving an indelible mark across various business functions, with digital marketing, especially [...]

Connect with Industry Leaders Through the OMMAX Advisor & Expert Network

Founders, digital experts, board members, opinion leaders. Representing a variety of industries, sectors, and expertise areas, our advisor network continues to grow by the day - as do its key intelligence, insights, and value. Below, you will find just a fraction of the outstanding members of our Advisor & Expert Network:

Dr. Marcus Englert

Dr. Marcus Englert

Co-Founder of Julep Media and Chairman at Rocket Internet
Dr. Marcus Englert
Dr. Michael Rolle

Dr. Michael Rolle

CFO and Managing Director of DHL Supply Chain Europe
Dr. Michael Rolle
Martina Koederitz

Martina Koederitz

IBM Chairman of the Management Board for 8 Years
Martina Koederitz
[Translate to Deutsch:] Katja Ruhnke

Katja Ruhnke

Gründerin und Geschäftsführerin der CK Venture Capital GmbH
Katja Ruhnke
Alexander Schwörer

Alexander Schwörer

Owner & Deputy Chairman at PERI Group
Alexander Schwörer

„We design the digital world of tomorrow.“

Dr. Stefan Sambol Partner

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