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As digital due diligence pioneers, we provide key findings about your target business that would not have been uncovered with traditional commercial due diligence

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Evaluation of Your Target Business With a Digital Due Diligence

Having pioneered the concept of digital due diligence 12 years ago, OMMAX developed a thorough methodology for investors planning to buy or sell a company. We assess the target company’s digital presence and digital revenue and analyze the potential to drive digital sales and EBITDA. With 300+ deals, >€20B deal value, and 2,000+ value creation projects for leading private equity clients, we are the leading global digital transaction advisory performing digital due diligence.

Digital due diligence by OMMAX will uncover many findings that would not have been picked up by traditional commercial due diligence projects. You will unlock key insights about the target company's digital organization, the extent of digital demand within the market, the online penetration of the products/services, as well as the digital visibility of the target company benchmarked with core competitors. We also analyze the paid/non-paid marketing performance, digital sales performance, digital customer journey, and other important aspects that provide our clients with best-in-class digital insights.

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What are the questions typically addressed by a digital due diligence?

  • What is the digital market size today and in five to ten years?
  • How mature is digital competition and what is the opportunity to increase market share?
  • How do the company’s brand, pricing and USPs perform digitally?
  • How effective is company’s digital go-to-market approach?
  • Are the necessary digital capabilities, resources, TOM and structures in place to fulfil business plan?
  • How feasible is the business plan and what short-mid-long term digital value creation potential exists?

Our holistic approach to digital due diligence covers up to 10 key modules:

  • Business plan and digital value creation
  • Market growth and opportunities
  • Digital brand strength
  • Digital pricing
  • Digital products and services
  • Digital marketing and sales performance
  • Digital customer experience
  • Customer conversion and retention
  • Digital organizational capabilities
  • Process automation and AI adoption


  • OMMAX is the #1 provider of digital due diligence, having performed >300 digital due diligence projects across various sectors and geographies

  • OMMAX has delivered >€18bn in deal value, developing the digital due diligence growth
  • Consumer & retail, business services, software, and healthcare are the top industries for digital due diligence, with >50% of deals including digital due diligence

With an OMMAX Digital Due Diligence You Will Receive

  • Analysis of direct online searches (branded) in target geographical markets for the target company relative to core competitors over the last three years 

  • Evaluation of the company's paid digital marketing strategy, including potential dependencies on single channels 

  • Assessment of digital competition according to search market shares based on search engine rankings for a specific set of branded keywords for the last three years 

  • Analysis of the company's digital reputation (online reviews) and assessment of social channels 

  • Overview of the company’s engagement rates and mentions on social media platforms 

  • Analysis of the company's management and employees (digital) knowledge to support and accelerate growth 

  • Analysis of digital market demand (customer search volume development for non-branded keywords) in total and by product categories for the last three years 

  • Identification of determining factors for online penetration along the customer journey (e.g. product, price, brand trust, UX) to determine the long-term online penetration plateau 

  • Analysis of the company's digital visibility (organic Google visibility index) and core competitors (incl. impact of Google algorithm changes) 

  • Analysis of the company's website customer journey against key assessment metrics in comparison with main competitors 

  • Assessment of the company’s historical digital performance (traffic, conversion rates, AOVs, revenue) across geographic markets, channels and devices 

  • Identification and analysis of various value creation initiatives in relation to the digital channel optimization and customer retention along the customer journey (e.g., brand marketing, performance marketing, website performance, sales excellence and retention marketing) 

  • End-to-end customer journey orchestration through the identification of improvement potential 

OMMAX's comprehensive work on assessing the digital maturity of the business was highly valuable in identifying value creation potential and forming an informed investment decision. We appreciate the professional collaboration with the OMMAX team along the process.

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OMMAX supported Castik Capital, a leading European Private Equity firm on the acquisition of Customs Support Group, a leading independent customs broker in Europe.

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OMMAX advises A-Z GartenHaus GmbH – a leading provider of garden houses, carports, sheds and other garden and house related products - on its successful sale to 3i Group!

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OMMAX Advised Bright Capital and HF Private Debt With a CDD
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OMMAX performed a commercial due diligence for Bright Capital and HF Private Debt, two of Germany’s leading mid-market investment firms. Focus of the project was the Amazon strategy of three food supplement brands by Natsana GmbH.

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OMMAX supported INVISION, a DACH-based private equity firm focused on mid-market companies, with commercial due diligence advice.

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OMMAX Advises Afinum on the Clubhouse Golf Ltd Transaction
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In preparation for the new acquisition, OMMAX executed the commercial due diligence for Afinum.

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In preparation for the acquisition, OMMAX conducted the extensive commercial due diligence (CDD) for Haniel.

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OMMAX delivered a full scope Commercial Due Diligence for CentralNic which included an assessment of the company & its organization, an appraisal of the market, the competition and the existing & potential customer base, as well as an evaluation of…

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fitvia has a new strategic partner: Munich-based Dermapharm AG, the leading manufacturer of patent-free branded pharmaceuticals in Germany, acquired 70% of the fitvia shares. OMMAX acted as an exclusive commercial digital vendor due diligence advisor…

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OMMAX Advises on ARCUS Capital’s sendmoments Acquisition
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OMMAX – Digital Solutions advised ARCUS Capital within this transaction on a deeply data-driven digital due diligence project on all relevant information of the digital performance, the digital market, and competitive landscape as well as the…

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Controlling & Management Review: Auditing and evaluating digital business models
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Investitionen in die Digitalwirtschaft sowie Partnerschaften mit Digitalunternehmen nehmen stetig zu. Um keine bösen Überraschungen zu erleben, müssen Investoren jedoch darauf achten, bei der Unternehmensprüfung die richtigen Fragen zu stellen. Die…

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