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Digital Due Diligence


As one of the first inventors of digital due diligence 10 years ago, OMMAX developed a thorough methodology for investors planning to buy or sell a company. We assess the target company’s digital presence and digital revenue and analyze the potential to drive digital sales and EBITDA. With 200+ deals, >€15.5B deal value and 700+ value creation projects for leading private equity clients, we are the leading European digital transaction advisory performing digital due diligence.

A digital due diligence provided by OMMAX will uncover many findings that would not have been picked up by a traditional commercial due diligence. You will find out about the target company´s digital organization, the extent of digital demand within the market, the online penetration of the products/services, as well as the digital visibility of the target company benchmarked with core competitors. We also analyze the paid/non-paid marketing performance, the digital sales performance, the digital customer journey, and other important aspects which provide our clients with best-in-class digital insights.



  • Analysis of direct online searches (branded) in target geographical markets for the target company relative to core competitors over the last three years 

  • Evaluation of the company's paid digital marketing strategy, including potential dependencies on single channels 

  • Assessment of digital competition according to search market shares based on search engine rankings for a specific set of branded keywords for the last three years 

  • Analysis of the company's digital reputation (online reviews) and assessment of social channels 

  • Overview of the company’s engagement rates and mentions on social media platforms 

  • Analysis of the company's management and employees (digital) knowledge to support and accelerate growth 

  • Analysis of digital market demand (customer search volume development for non-branded keywords) in total and by product categories for the last three years 

  • Identification of determining factors for online penetration along the customer journey (e.g. product, price, brand trust, UX) to determine the long-term online penetration plateau 

  • Analysis of the company's digital visibility (organic Google visibility index) and core competitors (incl. impact of Google algorithm changes) 

  • Analysis of the company's website customer journey against key assessment metrics in comparison with main competitors 

  • Assessment of the company’s historical digital performance (traffic, conversion rates, AOVs, revenue) across geographic markets, channels and devices 

  • Identification and analysis of various value creation initiatives in relation to the digital channel optimization and customer retention along the customer journey (e.g., brand marketing, performance marketing, website performance, sales excellence and retention marketing) 

  • End-to-end customer journey orchestration through the identification of improvement potential 

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