Travel & Tourism

Adapting to the demands of increasingly global personalization and perceptual qualities

Travel and Tourism in the digital age

The travel and tourism industries are molding to the demands of increasingly global personalization. Travelers are paying close attention to products within the market, choosing their destinations based on perceptual qualities. But the introduction of smart tourism has been an uphill climb for traditional tourism enterprises. While enterprises struggle, startup business models have begun to climb slowly. 

However, startups who receive funding are minimal due to an investment shift towards Asia, creating an innovative gap for the European and US market. The gap is further extended by Google's competitive positioning within the travel and tourism industry, providing both inventive and user-friendly solutions for travelers worldwide. 

Industry leaders can utilize big data sets to map out the customer journey, analyze traveler characteristics, and improve the travel experience. The movement towards internal development and involvement within the modern ecosystem, if met, could allow traditional market players to thrive and remain prevalent across generations.

Top challenges for the digital tourism economy

  • Increasing generational trends in travel, such as self-planned itineraries, stray away from the past structures of travel agents and tours
  • Big tech companies are continuously working towards improving customer experiences in the travel and tourism industry, creating a gap for leaders not working towards smart tourism business models and customer experience
  • Undeveloped communication structure limits the sharing of critical knowledge and necessary training required for digital transformation
  • Failure to recognize and make use of various online channels that enable customer relationships, satisfaction, and trust prevent company-wide progress — internally and externally

The value of digitalization in the travel market

A strategy that serves the user

Develop a digital tourism strategy based on traveler data to improve the relevance and optimization of online channels

Integrate social media strategy further

Take advantage of social media by engaging with customers and providing a more personable experience

In-depth analysis to drive optimizations

Meet market demand and competition with internal development measures based on in-depth traveler analysis

Effective reporting

Improve the rate of transformation, quality of communication, and company-wide knowledge through efficient dashboards

Our Expertise

We assist global travel and tourism leaders in understanding traveler expectations across all market channels. To better both internal and external efficiency, we build our strategies with long-term traveler relationships in mind. We simplify the complexities of the travel industry and provide applicable recommendations based on consumer data, ensuring our clientele approaches their transformation with new vision and confidence.

Our international team has assisted >600 realized projects in digital strategy, digital operational excellence, data science, and transaction advisory services. With a team that speaks over 20 languages, and a 50% female-male ratio, we ensure both effective communication and representation throughout the advisory process. 

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