We provide our clients with the services necessary to succeed in the rapidly changing and competitive environment of the digital age

What We Do

We are a digital strategy consultancy specializing in the sustainable value creation of forward thinking companies, large enterprises, and investment firms worldwide. We are proud to offer data-driven strategies and hands-on implementation support that builds digital strength, commercial growth potential, brand positioning, and improves our clientele's operational excellence.

Our experts support industry leaders in their digital transformation journey and together with our clients we achieve scalable and lasting digital growth. Within our transaction advisory services, we provide insights into market and company growth potentials. Our data-backed approach in all services ensures measurable, lasting and repeatable success. Find out how OMMAX can support you in your digital success story.

Our Services

We specialize in digital, tech, data, and AI-enabled growth for leading companies and private equity firms


Transaction Advisory

Our transaction audit assesses the business model's resilience amidst evolving competition and growth potential through digital distribution channels.


Digital Strategy

 We help you leverage business potential or transform existing models to thrive in a digital world through tailored and data-backed strategies.


Digital Execution

Our experienced digital and industry experts guarantee that the strategies crafted create real business impact.


AI & Tech Implementation

We empower clients to leverage AI and technology, transform core technologies, create innovative digital business models, and drive growth.

Working With OMMAX

  • Evaluate target management forecasts in the commercial environment, analyze risks and opportunities within the target market, and determine the strength of your target’s competitive positioning
  • Establish sustainable strategies to grow and achieve business goals through increasing relevant KPIs. Incorporate better media and marketing strategies, increase customer retention and automize processes
  • An international team of trained experts that manage and optimize all digital channels, such as Social Media, Search Advertisement (SEA), and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • A collection of globally selected professionals in Content Creation, Brand Development, UX Design, Web Development, Tracking, Reporting, and Business Intelligence

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"We build digital leaders of tomorrow in B2B and B2C industries"