OMMAX employees

Life at OMMAX

Being a part of OMMAX means being part of a motivated and entrepreneurial team where everyone is excited about what they are doing

What Do You Love About OMMAX?

Our team loves the handson mentality, the trust in the innovative power of its people, the "we" instead of "I", the benefits, the team spirit, the motivation of the people and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Values at OMMAX

Leadership excellence, integrity, inclusion, and diversity are some of the values our team shares at OMMAX.

How Do You Create Value for Your Clients?

Building digital leaders, gathering insights and turning them into action, maximizing values for the exit of our private equity clients, and preparing our clients for the future.



  • Grow personally through various professional trainings by leading coaches
  • Expand your perspective for a digital leadership role
  • Work with leading private equity firms globally and the C-level of large enterprises and mid-size companies
  • Build in-depth expertise in digital, data and technology


OMMAX team photo

Work-life Balance

We highly value the work-life balance of our team, which is why we have implemented a concept based on four pillars:

  1. Health & Well-being

  2. Work & Performance

  3. Purpose & Values

  4. Social Life

According to experts, all pillars must be in harmony with each other in order to be able to achieve a good work-life balance; how these parts are weighted, of course, varies from person to person. We support our team members in better understanding their own characteristics and provide them with the right tools and resources to help them strengthen their strengths and to follow-up on what's important to them. At OMMAX, we allow you to:

  • Grow personally through various mental health trainings by leading coaches
  • Evolve your career path with our very own "competency profile"
  • Define your leadership competencies with our leadership development program
  • Join initiatives to create a work environment compatible with your social life
  • Strengthen your fitness and work-life-balance with our OMMAX Running Club, the diverse offerings of Qualitrain or with beach volleyball sessions in the summer

OMMAX Academy


  • 5-day bootcamp at the start of your journey at OMMAX
  • Work alongside industry, tech and digital experts and build on your digital capabilities
  • Frequent break-out sessions
  • Access to top coaches, well known academies such as INSEAD learning program and more
  • Get the chance to lecture on digital strategy and execution topics at renowned universities in Europe


Dr. Alexander Rühr and Elena Perevozchikova

Team Spirit and Culture

The great team spirit and inclusive culture are what makes us unique.
Through the frequent OMMAX events, townhall, get togethers, and bonding
team events we strengthen our team culture.

At OMMAX we build digital leaders out of our clients and our people

Philipp Ortlieb Chief People Officer and Partner at OMMAX


We have employees from all over the globe, making our team very diverse and international. English is our common language, but we benefit from a variety of perspectives and a global mindset


Digital Experts


Spoken Languages


Male-Female Ratio



Dr. Anja Konhäuser

Co-founder and Partner at OMMAX

Parents at OMMAX Initiative

The founding partners at OMMAX all have young families, and they know the challenge of working full time while raising children. For this reason, OMMAX initiated a program with the goal to support young working families. The program includes many benefits for parents including:


  • Child caring cooperation with nannies who are available at any time

  • Adjusted working model and re-integration at work after childbirth

  • Flexible working hours and contracts, e.g. 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%

  • Parents' lunch initiatives to exchange learnings and views on a wide variety of working parents' topics

Making a Positive Impact

We are conscious of the impact we can have on all aspects of society, including economic, social, and environmental. We operate in ways that enhance society and the environment we are living in.


  • We encourage our employees to use their strategic and creative talent to discover charitable organizations that focus on creating a better future -, we constantly donate to organizations who are making a difference

  • We prioritize and work on environmental, social and governance projects (ESG)

  • We give hands-on support for people in need in Germany and across Europe

  • We constantly donate IT supplies to local institutions to incentivize tech professionals

  • We lecture at universities to share knowledge in diverse formats to incentivize young individuals to learn about all things digital

Toni Stork

Co-founder, CEO and Partner at OMMAX

Philipp Ortlieb

Chief People Officer and Partner at OMMAX

Interested in Joining Us?

We are hiring and we are looking forward to meeting you virtually or in our offices in Munich, Berlin, Hamburg or London!