100-Day Roadmap to Advanced Data Analytics

In 100 days, we develop a data strategy and implementation roadmap tailored to your business model and level of digital maturity that will enable you to activate your data and make it a value-creating asset, delivering immediate uplift on your revenues and/or improvement of your profitability

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Data Strategies That Create Value on the Way

Any successful data and analytics strategy must begin with an assessment of a company’s existing data assets, structures and processes, in the context of the specific business model and market environment. In the initial OMMAX Analytics X-Ray we deep-dive into your technical infrastructure, data quality and analytics capabilities to quickly define the focus areas with the largest potential for value creation.

We follow this phase with the development of a full data strategy, starting from developing and prioritizing key use cases relevant for your specific business. It is crucial that use cases deliver value already along the way, and not only at the end of the road to analytics. Therefore, OMMAX data strategies focus on value creation from a business perspective and conceptualize infrastructure and solution development such that results can be realized iteratively along the roadmap. Hence, after our 100-day program, you are ready to create value immediately.

Our 100-Day Roadmap to Advanced Data Analytics

OMMAX's 100-day roadmap to advanced data analytics

Make Your Data Work for You

For many companies, data is collected and stored, but remains an untapped asset sitting in siloed systems. At every level of maturity, OMMAX can help you create more value from your data.

  1. Follower: If you are just embarking on the road to advanced analytics, we suggest data cleaning and data quality boost, as well as data integration for selected prioritized data sources, to make your data usable. We then visualize the high-quality data in our “KPI speedboat” to give you more transparency across your business areas.

  2. Accelerator: Once you have the basics in place, we offer central integration of all your data sources in a data warehouse – together with the appropriate cloud strategy. Based on this data setup we can deliver the development of holistic dashboard suites and deep dive analytics to go beyond the simple descriptive data display and towards generating deep insights for business optimization.

  3. Leader: To make you a leader in the advanced analytics field, we design fully integrated data and analytics platforms, and tailor-made AI solutions and automations to make your processes faster, more precise, and more efficient.

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Our OMMAX Analytics Maturity Framework: From Follower to Leader in Analytics

OMMAX's analytics maturity framework: From follower to leader in analytics

After Our 100-Days Roadmap Program, You Will Have:

  • A strategic vision as well as an operational plan, specific to your business, for realizing the value of data.

  • The concrete analytics use cases that will deliver the greatest value for investment, designed by our data analytics experts.

  • A step-by-step plan to realize these use cases, with intermediate goals that realize value on the way.

  • A scalable, state-of-the-art data infrastructure concept to reach your goals, with concrete recommendations for tools, a detailed architecture, and a timeline and cost estimate for its realization.

Whether a B2B or B2C company, our team of global experts in data strategy, data engineering and data analytics will develop a strategy that perfectly suits you and your business needs.

Start your 100-day journey towards data leadership now and make data your USP!

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