Revolutionizing the healthcare industry with data-driven digitalization

How we build digital healthcare brands

We assist global healthcare leaders in discovering and implementing market opportunities.

We offer end-to-end digital coverage, in-depth data competence, and holistic digital expertise. 

By identifying, analyzing, and evaluating digital targets and their potential, as well as performance improvement opportunities, we aim to amplify the digital value of our healthcare clientele. We combine our inimitable capabilities in digital strategy, operations, technology & AI, and digital marketing and leverage our cross-functional team to offer sustainable solutions.

Our international team has assisted >2,000 realized projects in digital strategy, digital operational excellence, data science, AI, and transaction advisory services. With a team that speaks over 20 languages, and a 50% female-male ratio, we ensure both effective communication and representation throughout the advisory process.

The State of Digitalization in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is expected to reach US$ 1.5 trillion by 2030, but the projected growth comes with an assortment of challenges for key industry contributors. While life expectancy continues to increase, industry players are struggling to meet contemporary demands.

Past models of infrastructure skew both new and skilled talent away from the market. The younger and more digitally inclined generation expects less hierarchy and more innovative systems, while the older generation struggles with digital engagement.

As a result, business leaders are looking to challenge the status quo and establish efficient measures within the healthcare industry to create profit, enhance communication, and generate extraordinary experiences.

Top challenges facing the digital health ecosystem

  • Old systems and infrastructure limit digital reach and societal relevance, creating unnecessary spending and further complicating an already complex transition into digital healthcare
  • Lack of digital engagement from the older population continues to be ignored by critical players within the healthcare industry. Consequently, the older population's disengagement continues to extend an already massive gap
  • Improper use of consistently growing medical data limits the industry's ability to analyze its clientele. The use of unreliable and poor-quality data cannot accurately meet the needs of industry challenges
  • Industry leaders are struggling not only to find innovative talent but also to retain the talent once acquired. The younger labor force is looking to work for healthcare companies who forge fresh ideas and encourage company-wide communication across digital platforms

The various opportunities of digitized healthcare

Boost efficiency

Reduce costs, improve communication and experience through tech, data, and AI

Improve patient journey

Improve patient journey by offering mobile app services that help users to manage their health actively along the journey and during an incident, connecting service providers and doctors in one ecosystem

Rethink your recruiting process

Rethink your recruiting process by implementing digital services and benefits for employees

Peer and industry benchmarking

Peer and industry benchmarking to assess digital readiness and optimize transformation, ensuring a competitive entrance into the digital healthcare market

reach patients more effectively

Focus on the areas with high potential and take necessary measures to reach patients more effectively

Efficiently maximize

Efficiently maximize care delivery with a structured digital strategy

Drive growth

Drive growth by addressing the long-term value potential of digitization

Greater Engagement from the Older Population

Target specific platforms to offer accessible professional support and appropriate design to attract the older population

"OMMAX’s strategy expertise and extremely dedicated team made a strong impression on us during the collaboration. Thanks to their holistic approach, they have supported us enormously in developing a holistic digitalization strategy. To me, OMMAX is the best consultancy I have ever met: because they are willing to go the extra mile for their clients with the highest quality standards - from positioning and strategy to excellent full-service implementation always state of the art in the fast digital evolution!"

Stephan Thomas Marketing Director at TISSO

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Development and Execution of a Customized Digital Growth Strategy

How We Help Our Clients

Zentiva: Accelerating Digitalization in the Pharmaceuticals Industry

Case Study Healthcare Digital Execution Digital Go-to-Market Digital Strategy Digitalization Healthcare Sales Funnel Optimization

Zentiva is a Pan-European Platform developing, manufacturing, and providing high-quality and affordable medicines to more than 100 million people in Europe, with the mission of ensuring the supply of high-quality and affordable medicines to the people who depend on their products daily. In 2022, Zentiva acquired the heritage brand Finalgon from Sanofi to strengthen its OTC portfolio further in the category of "pain." To successfully develop and execute a digital go-to-market strategy, we partnered with Zentiva and fully digitalized marketing and sales activities.

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  • 88% uplift of organic visibility

  • 10,000 conversions in the first months after the new OTC launch

  • +13% conversion rate to digital PoS such as online pharmacies or Amazon

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Evidia: Building a digital frontrunner in Healthcare

Case Study Healthcare Digital Execution Digital Strategy Digitalization Healthcare Sales Funnel Optimization

Evidia is the leading radiation medicine group in Germany. Formed in 2021 from the merger of Meine Radiologie Holding and blikk Holding, the new company formed under the new owner EQT has been known as Evidia since June 2022. With over 2,000 employees and 90+ practices across Germany, Evidia offers the full range of radiological, nuclear medicine, and radiation therapy services in a wide range of specialties. Read the case study to find out how OMMAX supported Evidia in its vision to become a digital frontrunner in the healthcare sector.

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  • +10,000 appointment booking clicks in the first month after go live

  • +30% in work applications YoY

  • +20 vendors assessed and three contracts signed

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TISSO: Ensuring long-term success with a digitalization strategy

Case Study Digital Execution Digital Strategy Digital Marketing Digitalization Retail & E-commerce Healthcare Sales Funnel Optimization Marketing

TISSO Naturprodukte specializes in the development and production of high-quality natural nutritional supplements. Founded in 1999, TISSO's range currently includes around 40 formulations, which are produced on-site in Germany and distributed internationally. OMMAX developed and implemented an omnichannel digitalization strategy for TISSO, including an evolved market positioning and branding strategy with a new company identity (CI), logo, packaging, and website; as well as providing continuous strategy, digital marketing, and web development support to ensure long-term success.

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  • +19% e-commerce conversion rate YoY with website relaunch
  • +47% website engagement
  • >10x return on Adspend for paid digital marketing

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The Sana Kliniken Case

Case Study Healthcare Digital Strategy Digital Execution Healthcare

Sana Kliniken AG is Germany’s largest independent clinic-/ healthcare provider. From prevention to outpatient and inpatient care, rehabilitation, aftercare, therapeutic products and aids in our medical supply stores as well as B2B services (purchasing, logistics, MedTech, and management services), Sana Kliniken provides patients, companies, and external healthcare institutions with quality medicine and excellent services for decades.

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  • +170.000 points of contact with potential patients (impressions)

  • +30% appointments for pre-stationary diagnostics

  • -19% cost per appointment

  • +11% lead generation

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Woman and man enjoying a stroll

The Median Case

Case Study Healthcare Digital Experience Platform Healthcare Digital Execution Digital Strategy

MEDIAN is the biggest private operator of rehabilitation facilities in Germany with an outstanding reputation. The group operates 122 rehab clinics, sociotherapeutic facilities and care centres and 19,200 beds and treatment stations. This corporate group employs about 15,000 people in 13 German federal states. The medical focus of its work is on neurological, cardiological, psychosomatic and orthopaedic rehabilitation. In addition to the specialised clinics, the corporate group also owns acute care hospitals, therapy centres, outpatient clinics and reintegration facilities.

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  • 120 clinics successfully merged from in the same tech environment
  • + 152% Organic conversions
  • + 603% Organic visibility
  • + 149% SEO-Sessions within 1 year (YoY 2020 vs. 2021)
  • + 96% Overall Sessions (since 2017)
  • + 932% Overall Conversions (since 2017)

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