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Maximize your bottom-line growth with a state-of-the-art, holistic retention strategy tailored to your business

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A systematic approach to competitive branding and customer loyalty

We work with you step-by-step to create a powerful retention strategy built for profitability.

We identify and quantify your company’s brand value to explore possibilities for higher customer loyalty. To correctly understand competitors’ behavior, along with customers’ needs and demands, we analyze your perspective market. The analysis often includes a deep-dive sentiment analysis about wishes, preferences, and complaints expressed by customers through various online channels.

From this analytical work, our team develops both a retention strategy and schedule for actions and implementation. These measures often contain the development of a state-of-the-art company website and new e-commerce infrastructure. Our team’s expertise in business intelligence, user experience, online channels, and content strategy forms the basis for better branding and customer identification with your company.

As a final step, we set holistic retention marketing into place. We identify the best way to increase customer retention along the customer journey. In a multichannel strategy, we use social media, search engine advertising (SEA), e-mail marketing, and other channels, programs, and campaigns to encourage repeat purchases. A loyalty or referral program built from scratch can be another useful feature. We accomplish our results through marketing clouds, business intelligence, and marketing automation solutions.

Tracking and reporting are arranged, with high utility value, for continuous testing and adaptation along the way.

With an OMMAX retention strategy, you can:

  • Experience increased profit from existing customers
  • Grab your customers’ attention and convince them to purchase
  • Lower customer acquisition costs overall
  • Understand competitors’ behavior and customers’ demands

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