The push for efficient service and outcome delivery is driving software industry leaders to rethink their capabilities


The push for efficient service and outcome delivery is driving software industry leaders to rethink their capabilities. Traditional methods of software delivery - off-the-shelf and bundle packaging - are being challenged by the fast and intelligent nature of subscription business models.

To maintain market relevance, leaders need to rethink their recruitment approach and consider service-specific training. As new talent continues to appear throughout the software industry, so does the competition to acquire it. BigTech - Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft - have an increasingly competitive position in the software industry due to their pioneering platforms and forward-thinking structure. In turn, new talent is seeking both a competitive salary and job opportunities, with a turnover rate of 13.2% in 2018 - the most leading in all sectors - 49% still plan on staying in the tech sector after leaving their current tech employer.1

The IT market sits at $1.6 trillion and is full of opportunities for software companies willing to meet modern requirements.2 Software business players can set brand-new standards for the industry by considering their place within the market, company size, and capabilities.

Top Challenges for Current Software Leaders

  • Software companies are struggling to improve team coordination and communication, an increasingly important factor for both customers and employees
  • The evolving consumer base is expecting software firms to deliver better outcomes and rapidly meet modern expectations
  • The introduction of subscription software and advanced platforms creates a gap within the industry, giving larger tech companies a market advantage
  • New talent stays within the industry, but companies unable to provide a competitive salary and modern infrastructure suffer from low retention rates

The various opportunities of digital renovation

Understand Consumer Behavior

By understanding consumer behavior, industry leaders can establish themselves within the market and plan according to direct user input

Foster Customer Relationships

Foster loyalty and dedicated customer relationships by providing up to date services able to compete within the swiftly changing market

Develop Communication and Education

Develop company communication and education oriented around services provided to improve not only retention rates but also boost morale

Stay at the forefront

Begin to implement changes relative to the market shift towards cloud computing and remain at the forefront of future industry variations

Our expertise

We help global software leaders adapt to the rising demand for digital modernization. Our thorough industry knowledge and research capabilities provide software companies with data-based solutions. By implementing state-of-the-art digital measures, we aim to give our software clientele the necessary foresight to become industry pioneers.

Our international team has assisted >2,000 realized projects in digital strategy, digital operational excellence, data science, and transaction advisory services. With a team that speaks over 20 languages, and a 50% female-male ratio, we ensure both effective communication and representation throughout the advisory process.

Our Software Experts

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Development and Execution of a Customized Digital Growth Strategy

How we help our clients

Coding on laptop

The Datenschutzexperte Case

Case Study Software Software Digital Execution

As an external data protection officer, they advise customers with digital data protection concepts and support them in the secure implementation of the GDPR. The services of Datenschutzexperte are performed in a subscription model in which there are three different service categories: Basis, Medium & Premium.

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  • >2500 generated leads in 2019
  • >1,000 customers in the first year of business show
  • >300 blog articles that produces weekly on current topics in data protection as part of a content strategy

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Two nurses


Case Study Software Healthcare Software Digital Go-to-Market Processes & Automation Digital Execution Healthcare

MEDIFOX DAN is a mid-sized German company that pioneered in the market of software solutions for out-patient healthcare companies. Nowadays, they have expanded their product portfolio to the in-patient sector and therapy practices. Known for excellent service management and consistent software development, MEDIFOX DAN provides a state-of-the-art product.

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  • Setup of Digital Eco-System including state-of-the-art digital experience platform

  • Optimized Sales Funnel to decrease drop out rates

  • 3.5 years later after we started collaboration, MEDIFOX DAN was sold to ResMed for US$1BN

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The Transporeon Case

Case Study Logistics Software Growth Strategy Digital Execution Logistics

Transporeon GmbH is a fast-growing, mid-sized German company with >700 employees, established in 2000. The company’s AI-driven, cloud-based software offers end-to-end transportation solutions, allowing manufacturers, retailers, and carriers to digitalize their transportation logistics processes entirely. Presently, the platform links >1,200 industrial and commercial companies with 100,000 carriers and handles €20 billion in freight each year.

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  • Website merger of 4 individual websites
  • Professional end-to-end website relaunch
  • Setup and support of B2B digital lead generation

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