Defining a unique digital strategy

A well-defined digital strategy is fundamental for any firm’s digital implementation. We offer an inventive approach that tailors to specific goals and conditions. Our international team of experts conducts thorough market and competitor research, using their global knowledge to define digitalization goals, specify target groups, and unique selling points. 

We support companies to grow in their core markets and expand internationally. For this OMMAX supports them in identifying their strengths and weaknesses based on market dynamics and competitive landscapes.

Our aim is to support the client in establishing a sustainable strategy to grow and achieve business goals. One significant aspect of this is digital transformation. Through increasing relevant KPIs, such as better media and marketing strategies, customer retention and automation processes or elaborate data dashboards, our clients are able to further transform and grow their business.  

What is your goal?

Digital Strategy


Digital Readiness Assessment

We base the assessment of your digital performance and potential on individually defined dimensions — a mixture of data-driven analyses and in-depth interviews — throughout your organization. 

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Digital Go-to-Market

We can identify your audience, use cases, and buyer personas by gaining a deeper understanding of your offline and online market dynamics, key drivers, and competition.



Growth Strategy

We conduct in-depth market research and readiness assessments that explain the status quo of your company. 



Retention Strategy

We identify and quantify your company’s brand value to explore possibilities for higher customer loyalty.



Strategic Business Intelligence

To holistically address business challenges, we provide business intelligence services along your entire data value chain, such as data tracking, engineering, analytics and science.



Digital Recruiting Strategies

To help you meet the expectations of contemporary applicants, our team restructures your recruiting process around digital services and employee benefits.


What we do

Our specialists in content, social media, web development, big data, search engine optimization (SEO), and search engine advertisement (SEA) work together to build up and improve your digital brand across critical channels.

  • Track feedback gained from your digital activity and use it to cultivate an effective strategy 
  • Incorporate diverse metrics to measure your strategy’s performance
  • Surpass your goals and spur inspiration with constant feedback loops
  • Receive a consolidated personal report made to identify resourceful optimization measures

Digital Strategy Clients