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With an inventive approach tailored to your specific goals and conditions, we support companies in their growth and expansion trajectories with a well-defined digital strategy

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Digital Strategy Services

A well-defined digital strategy is fundamental for any firm’s digital implementation. We offer an inventive approach that tailors to specific goals and conditions. Our international team of experts conducts thorough market and competitor research, using their global knowledge to define digitalization goals, specify target groups, and unique selling points.

We support companies to grow in their core markets and expand internationally. For this OMMAX supports them in identifying their strengths and weaknesses based on market dynamics and competitive landscapes.

Our aim is to support the client with digital strategy services in establishing a sustainable strategy to grow and achieve business goals. One significant aspect of this is digital transformation. Through increasing relevant KPIs, such as better media and marketing strategies, customer retention and automation processes or elaborate data dashboards, our clients are able to further transform and grow their business.

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Digital Strategy


Advanced Data Analytics

To holistically address business challenges, we provide business intelligence services along your entire data value chain, such as data tracking, engineering, analytics and science.



Enterprise Architecture

Our OMMAX enterprise architecture team analyses all four layers of the client's IT landscape. The result is a holistic view of the as-is architecture that builds a solid basis for further developments.



Digital Academy

Our team of experts will help you to identify objectives and collect key takeaways throughout your academy experience. The goal is to enable high-quality communication through all stages of the digital change process. As a result, we help you realize the hidden potentials of digital strategy. 



Digital Advisory Boards

Introducing a digital advisory board is an effective approach to ensure that digital projects receive adequate business consideration.



Digital Go-to-Market

We can identify your audience, use cases, and buyer personas by gaining a deeper understanding of your offline and online market dynamics, key drivers, and competition.



Digital Marketing

We offer specially built marketing strategies designed to enhance your brand management and customer targeting.



Digital Readiness Assessment

We base the assessment of your digital performance and potential on individually defined dimensions — a mixture of data-driven analyses and in-depth interviews — throughout your organization. 

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Digital Recruiting Strategies

To help you meet the expectations of contemporary applicants, our team restructures your recruiting process around digital services and employee benefits.



Experience Design

Our Experience Design team helps our clients to identify and execute user experience enhancements, with a history of increasing conversions and revenue across a variety of industries.



Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

CRO is increasing the percentage of users who perform a desired action, known as a conversion, on your website or any specific touchpoint. Our team has many effective CRO methods to get started immediately!



Growth Strategy

We conduct in-depth market research and readiness assessments that explain the status quo of your company. 




We combine human needs, market trends and technology as a foundation for a sustainable innovation and digital success. Our strategic approach is not only on paper, we develop it in an agile way and fully test it prior to roll out. 



Lead Generation

We work directly with you to implement and roll-out of digital initiatives, focusing on the marketing mix that fits your business (SEA, Social, SEO) in your chosen market.



Retention Strategy

We identify and quantify your company’s brand value to explore possibilities for higher customer loyalty.



Sales Funnel Optimization

Our team helps you to fill the pipeline with high quality leads through automated and interconnected digital sales campaigns.



100-Day Data Analytics Roadmap

In 100 days, we develop a data strategy and implementation roadmap tailored to your business model and level of digital maturity that will enable you to activate your data and make it a value-creating asset, delivering immediate uplift on your revenues and/or improvement of your profitability.


What We Do

A well-defined digital strategy is fundamental for any firm’s digital implementation. We offer an inventive approach that tailors to specific goals and conditions. Our international team of experts conducts thorough market and competitor research, using their global knowledge to define digitalization goals, specify target groups, and unique selling points.

  • Track feedback gained from your digital activity and use it to cultivate an effective strategy 
  • Incorporate diverse metrics to measure your strategy’s performance
  • Surpass your goals and spur inspiration with constant feedback loops
  • Receive a consolidated personal report made to identify resourceful optimization measures

We aim to scale our business in a way to not only fulfill but exceed our customers’ expectations. Working with OMMAX, we are more than confident to sustainably scale our digital multi-channel strategy.

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The Power of Digital Due Diligence: Assessing Digital Growth Potentials
Digital StrategyDigital TransformationDigital ExecutionDigitalizationDigital Due Diligence

Digital markets are based on other mechanisms than classic markets. Due diligence analyzes a business's present position and future potential. This research aimed to develop a conceptual framework of relevant dimensions that encompass digital due…

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The perfect Sales Pipeline: A Six-Step Approach
Digital StrategyDigital ExecutionLead GenerationMarketingSales Funnel Optimization

In the dynamic landscape of today's tech-driven business environment, the efficacy of sales processes can either become lucrative cash-generating machines or pose a detrimental impact on the overall performance of a company. In this context, the…

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5 lessons learned from over 2000 digital transformation projects
Digital StrategyDigital TransformationDigital ExecutionDigitalization

In the fast-paced realm of digital consultancy, where change is constant and innovation is key, the journey of digital transformation is often filled with challenges and complexities. Over the course of numerous projects spanning various industries,…

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Financial data analysis graph
The digitalized soccer fan: understanding the fan journey
Digital StrategyDigital Experience PlatformDigital TransformationDigitalizationMarketing

Soccer not only takes place in the stadium, but has also long since become a digital market. In fact, the global sports technology market is expected to reach a size of 55.1 billion US dollars by 2030. It is therefore high time for soccer clubs and…

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Decoding Data & AI: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence
Advanced Data AnalyticsArtificial IntelligenceDigital StrategyDigital TransformationTech

OMMAX holds in-depth expertise in data strategy, data engineering, and advanced data analytics. We have a proven track record of successful projects implementing process automation with AI, data warehouse setup, or optimized resource allocation for…

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Digital as an Enabler for Family Business Growth: An Interview with Anna Breun
Digital StrategyEntrepreneurFamily BusinessPeople & Culture

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, the integration of digital strategies has become a key factor in driving growth and sustainability. Anna Breun, a dynamic leader and advocate for digital transformation, has shared her insights and…

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ghd: Why influencers alone are not enough
Digital StrategynewsMarketing

Influencers like Pamela Reif, Lisa and Lena, and Leni Klum contribute to the popularity of premium hairstyling product brand ghd. But to grow stronger, ghd relied on a mix of digital tools - from Customer Journey to SEO. Read the full article on W&V…

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Enhancing Staffing Efficiency: The Role of AI in Education
Artificial IntelligenceDigital TransformationDigital Strategy

OMMAX digital strategy partner Isabella Calderon Hoyos explains how AI is transforming staffing in education, bringing simplicity, speed and efficiency to a sector in need.

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How to Ensure Effective Cyber Security at Your Organization
Digital StrategyGrowth StrategyBusiness Services

In our ever-increasing connected lives, cyber security is becoming increasingly important to organizations, due to the risks of cyber threats and data breaches. Therefore, it is important that businesses have robust cyber programs in place, but…

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Luxury boutique
The Future of Luxury E-Commerce
Digital MarketingDigital StrategyE-commerceGrowth Strategy

Luxury brands need to prioritize e-commerce as a key element of their business strategy. Unfortunately, many luxury brands are falling behind in digitalization strategies. By establishing brand standards and creating digital touchpoints across all…

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The Important Role of Digital Advisory Boards
Growth StrategyDigital Go-to-MarketDigital Strategy

Digitization must be a top priority. But most business leaders can't be up-to-date on tech trends all the time. This is where digital advisory boards come in.

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Business phone
5 Strategic Steps for Chief Operational Officers to Face a Potential Recession
Digital StrategyBusiness ServicesGrowth Strategy

Chief Operational Officers (COOs) of companies play a crucial role in times of economic slowdown. It is essential in their hands to increase efficiency and transparency as well as to exploit opportunities. Fortunately, digital measures come to the…

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Photography of ceiling
Much Potential for Digitalization in Healthcare
HealthcareDigital Strategy

There is a lot of potential for digitalization for the majority of the companies in the healthcare industry, which has not yet been tapped into.

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The Shrinking Cloud Provider Dependency
Business IntelligenceDigital StrategyDigital Transformation

Multicloud and hybrid cloud are emerging cloud computing trends which describe the use of multiple cloud providers or a mixture of cloud providers and own infrastructure capabilities. These trends hint at a change in paradigm in the cloud business -…

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OMMAX advised 3i Group on the sale of nexeye
AnnouncementDigital Due DiligenceDigital StrategyGrowth StrategyTechnical Due DiligenceTransaction Advisory

OMMAX assisted 3i Group plc. the a sale of nexeye to KKR. Headquartered in Gorinchem, the Netherlands, nexeye is a leading European omnichannel optical retailer, operating under the Hans Anders, eyes + more and Direkt Optik brands. Nexeye has…

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Could generative AI solve fashion’s excess stock problems?
Artificial IntelligenceDigital TransformationFashion & SportsInnovation & TechnologyTechDigital Strategy

Emerging technology has the potential to transform the fashion supply chain by enabling real-time tracking of demand and inventory. The rewards could be huge — but there are still big barriers to overcome. Amid fluctuating global demand and…

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Digital Due Diligence: Assessment of Digital Growth Potentials
Digital StrategyArtificial IntelligenceCommercial Due DiligenceDigital ExecutionDigital Due DiligenceDigital Transformation

Digital markets are based on different mechanisms than classic markets, requiring more than a traditional commercial due diligence for mergers and acquisitions (M&A). On an article for the Marketing Review St. Gallen, OMMAX Partners and Co-founders…

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OMMAX supported Unigestion on the acquisition of TecVia Group
AnnouncementDigital StrategyTechnical Due DiligenceTransaction Advisory

OMMAX supported Unigestion SA in acquiring Springer Fachmedien München and the entire business for mobility education and training from Springer Nature, resulting in the formation of TecVia Group. TecVia is a leading provider of education and…

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OMMAX joins forces with VWO
AnnouncementBusiness ServicesDigital Go-to-MarketDigital MarketingDigital Experience PlatformDigital StrategyE-commerceSales Funnel OptimizationRetention StrategyUX

In today's dynamic and customer-centric business environment, outstanding digital experiences play a vital role in companies' performance. By employing data-driven testing and decision making, companies can understand how they impact user behavior…

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OMMAX advised Rigeto on the acquisition of Prevention Center
AnnouncementCommercial Due DiligenceDigital Strategy

OMMAX advised Rigeto Unternehmerkapital GmbH on the acquisition of prevention-center, a leading provider of aesthetic procedures in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. Over the last years, prevention-center has continuously reinforced its…

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AI, verification, and impacts on commercial due diligence
Digital StrategyArtificial IntelligenceCommercial Due DiligenceDigital ExecutionDigital Due DiligenceDigital Transformation

Ever since the launch of ChatGPT in late 2022, AI has grabbed the attention of people and businesses around the world. This technology was previously understood as highly promising but a topic for the future. Today, it has loudly announced itself,…

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Integrating ESG into the deal lifecycle
Digital StrategyCircular economyCSR

As the regulatory landscape continues to evolve, integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations for new investment deals has become an increasingly imperative consideration for private equity firms. The term ESG has become a…

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OMMAX Advised Alpina Partners on Their Investment Into FINAplus
AnnouncementCommercial Due DiligenceDigital StrategyTechnical Due Diligence

We advised Alpina Partners GmbH (“Alpina Partners”) on their investment into FINAplus GmbH (“FINAplus”), a wealth management software platform comprising PS plus Portfolio Software + Consulting GmbH (“PSplus”) and FinaSoft Gmbh (“FinaSoft”). The…

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How Luxury Brands can Embrace Digital Opportunities in the Omnichannel Era
Digital StrategyDigital TransformationGrowth StrategyDigital MarketingE-commerce

The e-commerce market has been growing steadily for a decade now. In the wake of the pandemic, when the e-commerce market grew around fivefold in the UK, digital retail has cemented itself as just as important as traditional retail – if not more –…

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Enterprise Architecture for Sustainable Scaling and Transformation
Digital StrategyDigital TransformationGrowth Strategy

In today’s fast-paced business and investment world, scalability, adaptability, and transformation are critical factors for success. To achieve these capabilities, a solid enterprise architecture is essential. Tobias Möglich, Director Enterprise…

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Digital expertise urgently sought
Digital ExecutionDigital Strategy

Many medium-sized companies are facing the challenge of having to transform themselves digitally. But according to an OMMAX study, many supervisory boards lack the necessary know-how to critically accompany and control this process. Stefan Sambol,…

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Three Priorities for E-commerce Businesses to Survive the Consumer Squeeze
Digital Strategy

The aggressive jump in inflation rates keenly felt here in the UK through the cost of living crisis, has unsurprisingly, delivered an enormous impact on the e-commerce industry. Spending has dropped and consumer confidence is at record-low levels…

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Why diversity and inclusion matter for technology
Digital Strategy

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OMMAX Advised SCS on the Successful Acquisition of Snug
AnnouncementCommercial Due DiligenceDigital Strategy

OMMAX supported ScS, one of the leading home furnishings retailer in the UK, on the acquisition of Snug, the UK-based furniture pioneer for the sofas-in-a-box category. In preparation for the acquisition, OMMAX supported ScS with a commercial and…

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OMMAX Advised Ambienta on the Acquisition of Lässig
AnnouncementCommercial Due DiligenceDigital Strategy

OMMAX advised Ambienta SGR SpA (“Ambienta”), one of Europe’s largest asset managers entirely focused on environmental sustainability, on the acquisition of Lässig GmbH (“Lässig”), a leading producer of functional, sustainable, and innovative products…

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Doctor using smartphone
Software Specialist MEDIFOX DAN Sold to ResMed for US$1BN
Digital StrategyDigital Execution

OMMAX has supported the digital transformation and digital value creation of MEDIFOX DAN, a leading provider of software solutions and services to care and therapy providers, under the holding of Hg Capital, a leading software and services investor,…

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