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Customer journey experience transformation is key for achieving digital growth in the next three to five years. It aims to enhance the customer experience from upper to lower funnel and build longstanding and loyal relationships with your customer base. Personalization and automation in marketing and sales save valuable time and costs for your organization (15%-25% efficiency gains), all while offering your customers a seamless experience and increasing the conversion probability. We simplify marketing and sales efforts, increase impact for our B2B and B2C clientele, and create exceptional customer experiences by optimizing and automating critical processes through innovative technology.

We analyze customer cohorts to understand your target group, design cross-channel communication and transfer the sales pitch of your best salespeople into digital channels and content formats - a solution that boosts both your marketing and sales outcomes (10%-20% increase in revenue, depending on the maturity of your organization). Additionally, we design, connect, and UX-optimize forms to connect directly to your database as input fields. Regarding the customer journey, we trigger automatic 1-to-1 personal communication in real-time and create streamlined workflows designed to hand over leads from different divisions into efficient sales pipelines.

At OMMAX, we combine consulting and implementing marketing clouds, CRM solutions, and operational processes. Our team of international digital experts develops data-driven strategies based upon the customer journey along the entire sales funnel, advising on growth potential, creating powerful content offers, and reporting data in real-time KPI-cockpits. Combined with premium partnerships from top marketing software, the united solution allows both our B2C and B2B clients to bring omnichannel personalized journeys to their end consumers and real-time visitor behavior data.


OMMAX Marketing, Sales & Service Automation Empowers You To:

  • Create strong customer experiences and increase conversion rates by predicting customer behavior and sending automatically personalized offers that are genuinely relevant to the customer
  • Measure and manage the effectiveness of your marketing efforts through campaigns 
  • Optimize sales processes, reduce labor costs and free operating time to focus on strategic topics and high impact efforts 
  • Gain insights on customer behavior by tracking potential and existing customers, which enable precise profiling of the target group
  • Operate out of one place by aligning every campaign with the overall marketing strategy
  • Improve digital performance, e.g., ROI, CR, CTR
  • Multiply your profit by strategic up-selling and cross-selling methods


Marketing clouds continue to prove themselves as vital anchors of digital marketing. Using cloud technology, companies can accumulate and store data, handle social media, and grow their email automation processes. Because the cloud has access to numerous aspects of the marketing landscape, it is shifting into a more critical tool for digital marketers to master. In the long run, the more time a company invests into building a robust marketing cloud infrastructure, the better results that the company will see. The investment is crucial within a world where customers are more connected than ever and expect companies - regardless of industry - to provide them with a great user experience.


A marketing cloud combines multiple customer channels, supporting social media, email, marketing automation, and various online advertising channels. Using a marketing cloud, digital marketers can analyze, segment, and develop both campaign and customer journey data to efficiently interact with their customers and increase engagement rates. The increased focus on customer data allows companies to make concrete and reliable marketing decisions based on data.  Additionally, marketers can automate everyday tasks to increase the effectiveness of their organization.


  • Increase in customer advocacy 
  • High level of customer engagement 
  • Real-time transparency to decide and react immediately 
  • Use connections to process, analyze, and organize marketing and sales data
  • Provide seamless experience  
  • Reduce internal workload and free up resources for further company growth 
  • Create and customize user-friendly dashboards for increased strategic observations, optimizations, and personal use


Lower marketing costs & higher campaign ROI  
Reduce lead time to produce marketing materials, decrease expensive marketing formats, and lower company-customer communication costs (15-25% lower costs).
Diminish redundant manual processes. Collect all data and marketing materials in one centralized location. Simplifying the decision-making process allows marketers to focus on essential and impactful business efforts. 
Smart content distribution = less wasted marketing materials
Content creation is expansive. Smart content creation allows you to reuse premium high-quality content within a clever distribution network and send out the right content to the right person via the right channel at the best time.  
Efficient collaboration and effortless accessibility 
All information is readily accessible from any location - a solution allowing marketing teams to collect, organize, and create marketing materials seamlessly.  
Increased customization & individualization 
Improved data material and scoring automation allow marketers to customize marketing materials swiftly and efficiently for individual customers at scale and develop comprehensive customer profiles. 
A marketing cloud’s infrastructure supports quick scaling of marketing projects, allowing fast-growing and innovative companies to add cross channel campaigns without the need to hire a large team. 

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