Dynamic Reporting Dashboards

Leverage best-in-class data analytics tools and capabilities to tackle business challenges

Use of data to tackle business challenges

A dynamic reporting dashboard uses data analysis to tackle your business challenges. Reporting dashboards enable you to take a strategic, data-driven approach to decision-making on topics like product portfolio optimization and online marketing performance optimization across search engine optimization (SEO), search engine advertising (SEA), and social media.

We use state-of-the-art business intelligence software, such as Tableau and PowerBI to develop sophisticated reporting suites allowing for self-service visualizations and detailed customization for various stakeholders of our clients from management to operational levels. By connecting different company data sources such as website and digital data, CRM, ERP, etc. we create one-stop-shop solutions for central analytics dashboards that consolidate the most important KPIs and insights all in one place.

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Our dynamic dashboard approach

OMMAX dynamic reporting dashboard approach

Outsourcing vs. inhouse solutions for reporting suites

For our clients we create reporting suites that best fit its individual needs – either outsourced or inhouse. Outsourced reporting suites are set up in our own unique business intelligence environment with direct connection to your relevant data sources. The reporting suite can be accessed with personal credentials, both online and by way of app. The outsourced suite, a user-friendly interface for data-driven decision making, aims to empower you with quick and powerful data interpretation in a lean and infrastructure-light setup.

The inhouse reporting suite is set up within your business intelligence environment. We work closely with your business stakeholders and data experts on the strategy, concept, and implementation of a modern dashboard solution within your existing or to be developed infrastructure. Our team helps you tear down data and system silos and aggregate data and insights into a single dashboard solution.

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