Tech Due Diligence

Our Tech Due Diligence provides an assessment of potential opportunities and risks before obtaining a value for an investment

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We support you in navigating the intricate landscape of technology investments and corporate transitions. Our expertise is your gateway to making informed, strategic decisions in a rapidly evolving digital world where technology trends and market dynamics shift overnight. With our due diligence service, we delve deep into the technological robustness, market potential, and scalability of your potential investments. Our comprehensive analysis encompasses not just the present state, but also a vision for future scalability and sustainability, ensuring you make investment decisions with a full spectrum of knowledge.

When it's time to transition, whether through a sale, merger, or IPO, we're here to ensure your technology assets are primed for maximum value realization. Our exit readiness services focus on optimizing your technological portfolio, aligning it with market expectations, and highlighting its unique value propositions. We navigate the complexities of technological assets to ensure a smooth, profitable transition.

  • Tech Due Diligence: Thorough examination of a company's technology systems and infrastructure, assessing aspects like software quality, technical debt, and IT operations, to understand the technological health and potential of the business

  • AI Due Diligence: Evaluating a company’s artificial intelligence assets and capabilities. It assesses the maturity, scalability, and legal compliance of AI technologies, including algorithms, data sets, and usage practices

  • Data Due Diligence: Assessing a company's data management practices. It evaluates the quality, integrity, and governance of data, including how it's collected, stored, processed, and protected

  • Cyber Security Due Diligence: Assessing the cybersecurity posture of a company. It covers areas like vulnerability to cyber threats, existing security protocols, past breaches, and compliance with relevant cybersecurity regulations

  • Product Due Diligence: Examination of a company's products or services, focusing on design, development, market fit, and potential for growth or improvement

  • Carve-out Scenario Analysis: Assessment of the implications, risks, and strategies for separating a business unit or asset from its parent company, often in preparation for a sale or spin-off

  • Tech Vendor Due Diligence: Evaluation of third-party technology vendors, assessing their stability, reliability, compliance, and the risks or benefits they bring to a company
  • Exit Readiness Assessment: Analysis to prepare a company for exit events like sales or IPOs, focusing on maximizing the value of technology assets and aligning them with market expectations
  • Portfolio Due Diligence: Holistic review of an investment portfolio with a focus on the technological aspects of each investment, considering overall strategy, risk, and return
  • Tech Factbook: A comprehensive document detailing the technological aspects of a company, including infrastructure, products, and strategic technology plans
  • Carve-out Factbook: Creating a detailed report that outlines all aspects relevant to the separation of a business unit or asset from its parent company. The factbook typically covers the logistics, technological infrastructure, assets, liabilities, and strategic implications of the carve-out. It aims to provide a comprehensive view of the requirements and challenges involved in the process, ensuring that the carved-out entity is viable and equipped for independent operation

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