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Enhance your digital visibility and customer targeting with a holistic and data-driven digital marketing strategy

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We offer specially developed marketing strategies designed to enhance your brand management and customer targeting. Our international team of marketing experts establishes a data-driven plan to target customers, measure campaigns, and budget expenditures. The analysis of marketing activities identifies improvements necessary for your transformation and success.

Each digital marketing channel is unique in terms of structure, objective, features, or tools, and even the audience it attracts. The key question remains which channel can give your business the best return on investment (ROI)? To determine where you should focus your digital marketing efforts, looking at data helps in ranking the effectiveness of different marketing channels.

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With OMMAX Digital Marketing, you can:

  • Increase the digital visibility of your company, products, and services
  • Apply a sophisticated and user-friendly tracking and reporting system
  • Discover profitable customer insights
  • Measure digital marketing KPIs in real-time
  • Implement a fast and data-driven adaptation of marketing measures
  • Broaden your company’s influence through dynamic brand promotion

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How We Help Our Clients

TISSO: Ensuring long-term success with a digitalization strategy

Case Study Digital Execution Digital Strategy Digital Marketing Digitalization E-commerce Healthcare Sales Funnel Optimization Marketing

TISSO Naturprodukte specializes in the development and production of high-quality natural nutritional supplements. Founded in 1999, TISSO's range currently includes around 40 formulations, which are produced on-site in Germany and distributed internationally. OMMAX developed and implemented an omnichannel digitalization strategy for TISSO, including an evolved market positioning and branding strategy with a new company identity (CI), logo, packaging, and website; as well as providing continuous strategy, digital marketing, and web development support to ensure long-term success.

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  • +19% e-commerce conversion rate YoY with website relaunch
  • +47% website engagement
  • >10x return on Adspend for paid digital marketing

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The ghd Case

Case Study B2C Digital Execution Digital Marketing Digital Strategy E-commerce

As an innovative and premium brand for hairstyling products, ghd seeks to provide their customers with an at-home hair salon experience with high-quality hairstyling tools, in particular blow dryers and styling irons. Read the full case study to discover how OMMAX supports ghd in scaling their digital marketing and sales performance.

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  • ~50% E-Commerce Revenue Growth
  • >25% E-Commerce ROI
  • >175% Organic Sistrix visibility

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Water in hands

The CWS Case

Case Study E-Commerce Growth Strategy Digital Experience Platform Digital Marketing E-commerce Advanced Data Analytics Customer Portals Digital Execution

Future winners think about marketing/sales optimization and growth in new ways, actively pursuing multiple digital transformation dimensions. Here is how, by integrating its business and technology strategy with the right partner, CWS built future growth for more than 10,000 employees and a 2019 revenue above €1,180 million!

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  • >4.5 billion € total revenue
  • >10,000 employees
  • >1.180 million € revenue in 2019

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Group of young people chatting

The univativ Case

Case Study Digital Marketing Digital Recruiting Strategies Digital Execution Public Sector

Univativ is a personnel service provider for students, alumni, and young professionals. Univativ offers career opportunities in DAX 30 companies as well as medium-sized companies and start-ups. By tailoring job offers to the individual needs of young potentials, it is possible to search throughout a city, industry, or even for flexible working models.

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  • Development of a new digital platform 
  • Set-up of a holistic digital lead generation strategy
  • More than 12,000 registrations of new applicants 

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