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Commercial Due Diligence

Evaluation of Your Target With a Commercial Due Diligence

We provide best-in-class commercial due diligence based on our extensive experience of 1,500+ international projects and >15.5B€ in deal value. We are a trusted advisor for leading European private equity firms and family offices across all industries. We assess business plans, growth potential, market dynamics, competition, organizational structures, value chain, market demand, customer cohorts, and profitability to empower investors to best assess the target company’s strengths and weaknesses.

With a holistic commercial due diligence provided by OMMAX, our clients can identify growth opportunities and risks associated with the target company in a very short time.

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With an OMMAX Commercial Due Diligence You Will Receive

  • Definition of key market drivers and potential market entry barriers 

  • Assessment of market demand based on top-down and bottom-up market model 

  • Assessment of online penetration development in relevant markets 

  • Identification of relevant strategic groups within the market and respective positioning in competitive landscape matrix 

  • Assessment of competitive positioning of the target company based on agreed benchmark dimensions 

  • Assessment of the management’s topline business plan and view on business plan achievability per sales channel, region and product segment  

  • Analysis of the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) and unique selling propositions (USPs) 

  • Review of the company's organizational structure 

  • Overview of the company’s value chain 

  • Assessment of market dynamics and competitive landscape 

  • Analysis of customer economics and acquisition channels 

  • Analysis of customer cohorts and customer retention based on raw customer data 

  • Analysis of profitability of the company's customers (ARPU, CAC and CLV based on marketing cost data and customer cohorts) 

  • Analysis of the company's marketing efficiency (correlation of revenue and marketing spend / ROI analysis) incl. benchmarking 

  • Assessment of growth potential based on expansion to different markets/verticals and through inorganic growth (M&A) 

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Insights from the Mergermarket M&A Forum Germany 2023
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Corporate due diligence is an essential part of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) processes, as it helps dealmakers identify and protect against potential risks and liabilities associated with an investment. However, traditional due diligence procedures…

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Ready for Exit: How to Tell Your Equity Story
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The exit is the final and most crucial step in the deal lifecycle. How can a consistent equity story be built up in the course of a vendor due diligence?

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OMMAX advised Rigeto on the acquisition of Prevention Center
AnnouncementCommercial Due DiligenceDigital Strategy

OMMAX advised Rigeto Unternehmerkapital GmbH on the acquisition of prevention-center, a leading provider of aesthetic procedures in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. Over the last years, prevention-center has continuously reinforced its…

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AI, verification, and impacts on commercial due diligence
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Ever since the launch of ChatGPT in late 2022, AI has grabbed the attention of people and businesses around the world. This technology was previously understood as highly promising but a topic for the future. Today, it has loudly announced itself,…

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OMMAX Advised Alpina Partners on Their Investment Into FINAplus
AnnouncementCommercial Due DiligenceDigital StrategyTechnical Due Diligence

We advised Alpina Partners GmbH (“Alpina Partners”) on their investment into FINAplus GmbH (“FINAplus”), a wealth management software platform comprising PS plus Portfolio Software + Consulting GmbH (“PSplus”) and FinaSoft Gmbh (“FinaSoft”). The…

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OMMAX Advised on the Successful Sale of FACTOR ELEVEN
AnnouncementCommercial Due DiligenceTransaction Advisory

OMMAX supported FACTOR ELEVEN, the leading software company in the field of digital marketing, on the sale of FACTOR ELEVEN. In preparation for the SALE, OMMAX supported FACTOR ELEVEN with a commercial vendor due diligence and examined FACTOR…

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OMMAX Advised SCS on the Successful Acquisition of Snug
AnnouncementCommercial Due DiligenceDigital Strategy

OMMAX supported ScS, one of the leading home furnishings retailer in the UK, on the acquisition of Snug, the UK-based furniture pioneer for the sofas-in-a-box category. In preparation for the acquisition, OMMAX supported ScS with a commercial and…

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OMMAX Advised Ambienta on the Acquisition of Lässig
AnnouncementCommercial Due DiligenceDigital Strategy

OMMAX advised Ambienta SGR SpA (“Ambienta”), one of Europe’s largest asset managers entirely focused on environmental sustainability, on the acquisition of Lässig GmbH (“Lässig”), a leading producer of functional, sustainable, and innovative products…

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OMMAX Advised ICG on the Successful Partnership With Exxeta
Transaction AdvisoryCommercial Due DiligencePrivate Equities & Investors

OMMAX supported ICG, the global alternative asset manager, on becoming a partner of Exxeta, a leading German digital transformation services provider.

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Knix underwear
OMMAX Advised Essity on the Successful Acquisition of Knix Wear Inc.
Transaction AdvisoryCommercial Due DiligenceDigital Due DiligencePrivate Equities & Investors

Knix Wear Inc. (“Knix”) is a leading provider of leakproof apparel for period and incontinence. As a first mover in leakproof intimates, tops and activewear, Knix has established a particularly strong presence in its core markets Canada and the USA.…

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Prince and Yonex padel rackets
OMMAX Advised Ergon Capital on the Successful Acquisition of 360° Padel Group
Transaction AdvisoryDigital Due DiligenceTechnical Due DiligenceCommercial Due DiligencePrivate Equities & Investors

The 360° Padel Group is the largest specialized padel platform globally and the owner of “Siux”, a renowned premium padel brand. Headquartered in Madrid, the group was founded in 2010 and rapidly expanded into the largest specialized padel platform…

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OMMAX Advised Bencis on the Successful Acquisition of Höfer Chemie
Transaction AdvisoryCommercial Due DiligenceDigital Due DiligenceTechnical Due DiligencePrivate Equities & Investors

Höfer Chemie is a strongly growing online D2C household specialty chemicals brand, especially in Germany and France. Over the last years, Höfer Chemie grew consistently and profitably as it caters with its portfolio to the increasing demand for…

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recommend by OMMAX

Smoothie with berries
OMMAX Advised the Quality Group GmbH on the Successful Sale to CVC
Vendor Due DiligenceCommercial Due DiligencePrivate Equities & Investors

OMMAX supported The Quality Group GmbH, the leading group of multiple sports nutrition and dietary supplements brands in the DACH market, on the sale to CVC.

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Calgary Public Library
OMMAX Advised Bibliotheca Group on Its Refinancing Round With Apera
Digital Due DiligenceCommercial Due DiligencePrivate Equities & Investors

OMMAX advised Bibliotheca Group on the arrangement of debt refinancing with Apera Asset Management, supporting it on its further growth trajectory. Bibliotheca is a leading provider of security and productivity hardware and software, digital content…

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SNOCKS box and products
OMMAX Advised Cathay Capital on Acquiring a Minority Share in SNOCKS
Digital Due DiligenceCommercial Due DiligencePrivate Equities & Investors

OMMAX advised Cathay Capital on the acquisition of a minority share in SNOCKS, a strongly growing D2C basic apparel brand in the DACH region. Over the last years, SNOCKS grew consistently and profitably as it caters with its basic apparel portfolio…

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OMMAX Advised MediaShop on the Acquisition of Geschenke 24
Commercial Due Diligence

OMMAX advised MediaShop International Group on the acquisition of Geschenke 24, a leading online provider of personalized gifts active in the DACH region. Over the last years, Geschenke 24 grew consistently and profitably as it caters with its…

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OMMAX Advised Gilde Buy Out Partners on the Acquisition of MBK Fincom
Commercial Due Diligence

OMMAX advised Gilde Buy Out Partners on the acquisition of MBK Fincom (ProduceShop), a dynamic, technology-driven and pan-European e-commerce company based in Switzerland, offering a broad range of product categories from indoor and outdoor furniture…

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OMMAX Advised ECM on the Investment in Intermate
Commercial Due Diligence

OMMAX advised ECM on the investment in Intermate Group, the fast-growing social media agency Intermate and the production company Truemates, pursuing a social-first strategy, specialize in creating and implementing social media and influencer…

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Businessmen working
OMMAX Advised Deutsche Beteiligungs AG on Acquiring
Commercial Due Diligence

OMMAX supported funds advised by Deutsche Beteiligungs AG, a listed private equity company, on the successful acquisition of, a leading software engineering company in the German market.

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Just Spices Gewürzmischungen
OMMAX Advised Just Spices on the Sale to the Kraft Heinz Company
Commercial Due DiligenceVendor Due Diligence

Just Spices is a tech enabled spice brand offering a broad product portfolio in the market for seasonings and spices with numerous flavors. Just Spices’ products are innovative and inspiring to the customer through appealing design and naming. As the…

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OMMAX Advised Rigeto on the Acquisition of Pflegehelden Group
Commercial Due Diligence

OMMAX supported a group of investors led by Rigeto Unternehmerkapital GmbH ("Rigeto"), together with the managing director and shareholder Daniel Pochhammer, on the successful acquisition of Pflegehelden Group.

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OMMAX Advised Crédit Mutuel Equity on the Investment in expondo GmbH
Commercial Due Diligence

OMMAX supported Crédit Mutuel Equity, the private equity subsidiary of Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale, on the successful investment in expondo GmbH, one of the leading marketplaces for professional equipment in Europe. Highly scalable, international…

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OMMAX Advised HQIB on the Successful Acquisition of Ergosign Group
Commercial Due Diligence

Harald Quandt Industriebeteiligungen GmbH (HQIB) acquires a majority stake in Ergosign Group, the market-leading digital agency for user experience design in the DACH region.

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