restructure your recruiting process

An innovative recruiting approach is critical to your company’s success. A recent LinkedIn study showed that 80% of people starting a new job were not actively searching for it. To help you meet the expectations of contemporary applicants, our team restructures your recruiting process around digital services and employee benefits. The result is a strategy that not only finds but also retains new talent.

Digital Recruiting Strategies 2

Our digital recruiting approach

Employer brand identity and market position analysis

We audit your brand’s digital employer branding status across multiple channels and identify potential optimization measures. The elaboration of target-group tailored employer branding positions your brand as an attractive, contemporary, and high-value employer.

Implementation of recruiting strategies

Each applicant requires a unique approach. By measuring the digital channels, we can understand the cost per application and define key recruiting channels for your company. The collected data allows you to understand applicant origin, retention, and remaining sick days through a user-friendly HR dashboard.

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