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With our innovative recruitment strategies tailored for your business, reach a wider pool of qualified talent while achieving lower recruitment costs, higher efficiency, and increased employee loyalty

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Digitalization of your recruiting process

An innovative recruitment approach is critical to your company’s success – especially when you consider that 80% of people starting a new job have not actively searched for it. This is the result of a recent LinkedIn study.

To help you attract the attention of potential applicants and meet their expectations, our team restructures your recruiting process around digital services and the right channels. The result is a strategy that finds new talent - and then retains it. We do this by providing tailored employee services and digital communication tools that facilitate the exchange between employee and employer.

In order to achieve sustainable success with your innovative recruiting strategy, it is advisable to take a long-term approach and not (only) rely on one-off measures. As a result, you benefit from a larger pool of qualified talent, lower recruitment costs, higher efficiency and increased employee loyalty.

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Holistic recruiting strategy

  • We work with holistic recruiting strategies considers all touchpoints of the candidate journey and forms the relevant foundation for the successful and sustainable recruitment of skilled workers.
  • We audit your brand’s digital employer branding status across multiple channels and for different target groups and identify potential optimization measures. The elaboration of target-group tailored employer branding positions your brand as an attractive, contemporary, and high-value employer.
  • Each applicant requires a unique approach. By measuring the digital channels, we can define key recruiting channels for your company and understand the cost per application. The collected data allows you to understand applicant origin, employer retention, and remaining sick days through a user-friendly HR dashboard.


End-to-end implementation

  • Our people & culture team has a strong track record when it comes to data-driven talent management with many years of experience. Your challenges with hiring, developing, retaining, or simply managing your talents can be undertaken with the help of our experts. We will support in tackling one of the biggest challenges many organizations face.
  • We have data scientists, analysts, engineers, tracking specialists and many more that can support your organization in understanding your people data and in developing holistic, fact-based, and long-term strategies for creating sustainable business performance and therefore generating business value.
  • With our team of developers and business intelligence experts we can create tailor-made analytics solutions for your company. By implementing smart automated solutions, you can keep traction on daily developments and adjust your HR strategy accordingly.

Candidate journey touchpoints

OMMAX HR candidate journey touchpoints

HR analytics and management dashboards

Analytics can be used in all pillars of conventional HR, whereby the most common operational areas for analytics are a) recruiting, b) development, and c) people and culture. The actual challenge, however, is transforming your insights recommended by statistics into change that generates business value. Even though analytics will not result in solving all HR challenges, they will help HR managers and the C-suite to understand the impact of HR metrics on business value creation and to come up with plans and concepts to optimize investments while being able to accurately monitor the return on investment (ROI) and the return on people for various initiatives.

It is decisive that the HR managers understand the business needs, secure transparency towards the management board, and report the outcome of the conducted analyses on a regular basis. We ensure this through dashboards, strategic jour-fixes as well as deep dive analysis. This ensures a serious interest from the management board to classify HR analytics as an important topic in the overall success of the company.

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Amazon delivery

The Amazon Case

Case Study Logistics & Transportation Digital Recruiting Strategies Digital Execution Logistics

Amazon continuously aims to create new opportunities, striving to not only make customer service better but also more flexible.  As a result, in 2019, amazon introduced amazonFlex to the German market.  With amazonFlex, individuals can become a delivery partner and earn money, delivering amazon packages in their area of convenience

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  • 160,000 leads generated, to include a 20% increase in monthly leads
  • 15% in CR
  • 20 channels integrated in a dynamic dashboard

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Group of young people chatting

The univativ Case

Case Study Digital Marketing Digital Recruiting Strategies Digital Execution Public Sector

Univativ is a personnel service provider for students, alumni, and young professionals. Univativ offers career opportunities in DAX 30 companies as well as medium-sized companies and start-ups. By tailoring job offers to the individual needs of young potentials, it is possible to search throughout a city, industry, or even for flexible working models.

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  • Development of a new digital platform 
  • Set-up of a holistic digital lead generation strategy
  • More than 12,000 registrations of new applicants 

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Woman helping older woman with crutches

The aiutanda Case

Case Study Healthcare Digital Recruiting Strategies Healthcare Digital Execution

aiutanda GmbH was founded in 2017 as an initiative of private entrepreneurs. The initiative aims to shape the industry of outpatient health care in Germany and establish as the market and quality leader. Of importance are services in the field of outpatient nursing care for the elderly and sick as well as the provision of homecare products and people who help caringly for people in need.

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  • OMMAX supported in the development of a customized applicant journey which lay the grounds for a fast and professional applicant management 
  • Digital initiatives and the launch of an optimized website resulted in a higher number of sessions and conversions as well as in a halved cost per lead 
  • The creation and implementation of target group specific and visually striking social media campaigns resulted in a continuously growing social media community and in a significantly higher number of applications 

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