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We provide you with a unique approach to assess your digital performance in every dimension, with a proven framework to unlock long-term value potential and digitalization acceleration

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Evaluate your status in the digital market

We provide a proven framework to assess the degree of digitalization, value drivers, and margin expansion in your company.

Whether a B2B or B2C company, digital channels provide an excellent opportunity to drive growth and create valuable resources. Our team of global experts uses a unique approach that addresses the transformation of traditional sectors, customer experiences, and products. We base the assessment of your digital performance and potential on individually defined dimensions — a mixture of data-driven analyses and in-depth interviews — throughout your organization.

For the best results, we conduct peer and industry benchmarking to assess your current digital performance and identify which fields of action need to be addressed. With more than 2,000 projects across Europe and the US, OMMAX can deliver a digital performance score for peer and industry benchmarks of every dimension.

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Our Digital Readiness Approach

OMMAX digital readiness check

With an OMMAX digital readiness check, you can:

  • Identify quick wins and drive implementation for steady growth, and results
  • Develop long term value potential and remain at the forefront of market change
  • Discuss the status quo, pre and post company acquisition, and create a data-based value estimation
  • Accelerate your digitilization process

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