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Digitalization is helping to restructure business models around communication, collaboration and culture 

Current developments in finance and banking

The financial and banking industries are at a historical turning point. Customers are demanding a more personable, transparent, and deliverable financial experience. While the digital disruption could provide an opportunity to establish trust with clientele, industry leaders must first learn to recognize and become accustomed to rapidly changing consumer preferences.

To adapt, financial and banking leaders are restructuring their business models around communication, collaboration, and culture. The new structure is a push towards less internal hierarchy and aims to improve talent recruitment, revenue, and relevance with innovative user experience and modern infrastructure.

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Top challenges facing financial and banking digitization

  • Developments in technology and communication challenge business models and widen the gap between traditional and modern financial providers
  • Considerable investments in FinTech and a tech-reliant consumer base require companies to identify and implement changes quickly
  • A younger generation that is less loyal to traditional financial service providers and more willing to use inventive services
  • The push for cultural change and flexible communication is critical for firms looking to hire new talent and remain relevant
  • Accurately determine the characteristics of customers within the financial market to pinpoint behavior and tendencies

Opportunities for digitalization in the finance market

Banking Platform 2.0

Understand Banking Platform Readiness 2.0 – become a frontrunner in your industry

Blockchain solutions

Assess the relevancy of Blockchain solutions for future banking and digital ID solution

Becoming more user-friendly

Establish high demand with a user-friendly interface that meets customers’ expectations and needs across multiple generations

Become more efficient

Ease managerial tasks, reduce costs, and reinforce customer trust by developing an efficient infrastructure and customer target picture

Aim long-term

Develop a digital strategy to establish long-term goals within the financial industry, ensuring improvement through concrete data

Utilize data

Utilize collected data to implement ground-breaking measures within the financial sector and establish your company as the new industry standard

Thinking multi-channel

Financial and banking companies eager to gain ground can implement multi-channel strategies to thoroughly understand their customer base and plan for future modernizations

Our expertise

We help financial and banking leaders worldwide. Our consistent analysis of both customer and online data supports our clientele in realizing their market potential and understanding future banking trends. By implementing state-of-the-art digital measures, we aim to establish our financial and banking clientele as industry pioneers. We support our clients in the development of a digital roadmap, defining the target picture for data collection & tracking, conceptualizing digital products and services, creating campaign planning & execution, and defining the underlying data systems & infrastructure with concrete improvement and roll-out plans across the organization.

Our international team has assisted >1500 realized projects in digital strategy, digital operational excellence, data science, and transaction advisory services. With a team that speaks over 20 languages, and a 50% female-male ratio, we ensure both effective communication and representation throughout the advisory process.

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