We provide advice and support for manufacturing companies generating business value from technology fitting to their respective level of digital maturity

Our Value Creation

We support COOs, CIOs, and CDOs with digital & tech value creation in operations and shopfloor following a proven approach: Starting with digital & tech strategy followed by the development of a prioritized implementation roadmap and realized via a result-driven execution. The conceptualization and implementation includes technology topics in the broader context of:

  • Smart Factory
  • Industrial IoT
  • Operational Excellence
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Digital Maintenance Management
  • Shopfloor Automation

The outcome is an end-to-end value creation roadmap with aligned potentials from an operations and tech perspective and management of the execution of this roadmap.

OMMAX Digital Value Creation in the Manufacturing Domain

The overall goal of OMMAX’s digital & tech transformation is translating strategic objectives into concrete value-generating activities such as value mapping and cost calculation (CAPEX & OPEX), technology vendor selection, vendor management, and overall program management.

This results in less spending for the client due to combined workstreams for operations strategy and technology enablement.

We tackle Digital Value Creation programs in two main phases, each consisting of two key steps; Digital & Tech Strategy, including Analyze and Plan Phase and Digital & Tech Transformation, including Build and Perform Phase.

Key Benefits of the Analyze & Plan Phase


  • Analyze & plan enables our clients to understand the digital & tech value drivers of the business model, technology enablement and go-to-market, which are translated into an actionable strategy and roadmap for sustainable growth
  • Define the roadmap to transform traditional manufacturing towards a digital leader and remain at the forefront of change
  • Identify potentials in the business model, technology enablement (production, customer, and financial systems) and go-to-market approach , along required investments
  • Integrate digital & tech market trends and opportunities in the management agenda (Smart Factory, IoT, adaptive production, autonomous mobile robots)
  • Identify quick wins and drive the implementation of long-term value-creation drivers for steady growth, performance, and efficiency
  • Strengthen the awareness for digitalization throughout the organization and accelerate the transformation

Key Benefits of the Build & Perform Phase


  • Select technology vendors and system integrators and guide vendors towards shared strategic objectives:
    • Integrating existing IT/OT technology & infrastructure
    • Implementing smart factory & IoT transformation strategies
    • Overhauling systems and processes
  • Provide strategic oversight and ensure envisioned strategy implementation
  • Manage the organizational change
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of industrial operations
  • Manage agile product & engineering teams
  • Turn value creation plan into measurable KPIs


We address the intersection of COO and CIO to accelerate digitalization in operations and shopfloor with advanced manufacturing technologies and tools through system, process & data integration.


The Analyze Phase

  1. Market trends and potential: Evaluation of digital market trends and opportunities, Analysis of strategic business drivers and business needs, Review key business KPIs such as OEE
  2. β€˜As-is’ digital & tech analysis: People: organizational IT capabilities to enable business, Processes: IT operating model, Tech: IT infra (e.g., Cloud) and business systems (e.g., ERP, MES)
  3. β€˜As-Is’ data strategy & value mapping: Identification of material-, information-, and data flows, Understanding of data potential and data collection architecture (e.g., Hadoop)
  4. Gaps and improvement potentials: Definition of digital levers to improve top line (revenue) and bottom line (cost optimization) 

The outcome: Value-stream mapping, business needs, improvement potentials (people, process, technology)

The Plan Phase

  1. Digital & tech vision: Definition of long-term goals (e.g., with respect to digital service offering, increased machine and production efficiency, downtime reduction, smart factory)
  2. IT & digital strategy: Formulation of a strategic plan in the dimensions of people, processes, and tech as well as underlying target IT operating model to successfully turn the strategic plan into operations
  3. Roadmap: Turning digital levers into strategic IT items and prioritize in the following pillars: ERP, system & process integration, infrastructure, IT operations, IIoT, data
  4. Budget: Determination of budget for strategic IT items (Capex & Opex)

The outcome: Digital & tech strategy to achieve key business objectives incl. target IT operating model, roadmap, and required budget.

Finally, the build and perform phases follow, in which the strategic digital & tech roadmap is implemented.

Client Success Stories

  • Improvement of product design, optimization of product portfolio, reduction in warranty costs, reduction in customer support costs, etc., with overall estimated savings of 7,5+ Mio p.a. for a global power tool manufacturer
  • Elimination of account and contact duplications in the CRM system across 6 solution areas and 16 countries, leading to a 50% sales efficiency increase for CWS, a global B2B player offering products and rental services in the areas of Hygiene, Safety, and Healthcare

  • Development of a lead generation strategy and implemented quick wins and growth potentials across all digital channels for Wandelbots, a robot programming solutions business
  • Conduct a feasibility study about the enablement of supply chain transparency with asset track & trace technology in more than 25 European service depots of one of the world’s leading supplier of reusable plastic containers
  • Digital roadmap and future e-commerce architecture for Tyrolit, a global power tool manufacturer

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