Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

We follow a 4-step process to build a tailored RPA implementation strategy to reduce operational costs and boost efficiency for your business

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Start With RPA to Boost Your Productivity

Our robotic process automation (RPA) approach helps clients to reduce operational costs by increasing efficiency and improve customer experience as well as employee satisfaction, among others. When using RPA software, robots mimic human behaviour by interacting with digital systems and software. Just like people, robots understand what´s on a screen, log into applications, move data between systems, send emails and much more. But robots are much faster and work 24/7 if needed. Thereby, RPA executes rule-based, recurring processes, frees up valuable resources and is one of the main drivers of your digital transformation journey.

At OMMAX we help you identifying the right processes and RPA tools, run requirement analyses for IT and systems, and build your first robots as a proof of concept. Furthermore, we help developing a long-term automation strategy by building a Centre of Excellence (CoE) in your organization and ensure to involve your employees and stakeholders.


How a RPA Journey Can Look Like

OMMAX robotic process automation (RPA) journey

We follow a 4-step process consisting of analyze, plan, build and perform. In the RPA analyze phase, it’s crucial to answer the most fundamental question: Which processes are good candidates for automation? Conducting process assessments and analyses will help to get an answer. Within the plan phase, we recommended conducting a proof of concept (POC) to demonstrate the feasibility and generate quick wins. To centrally manage all automation projects, we further suggest establishing a CoE within your organization at this stage. Developing and testing robots is then part of the RPA build phase and should be done based on the experiences gained in the POC.

Lastly in the perform phase, we ensure a consistent maintenance and well-established support functions for the users. After the successful setup of first robots, RPA use cases can be further expanded to bring more and more benefits. This can be done by enlarging the CoE for automation projects across multiple departments and broadening skills and capabilities. As a future vision, you should then have in mind to develop your organization towards a cognitive enterprise by enhancing artificial intelligence and RPA for new and existing processes from time to time.

With an OMMAX RPA Strategy, You Can:

  • Reduce operational costs by increasing efficiency and productivity thanks to process executions by robots and freeing up employee resources
  • Increase employee satisfaction by relieving them from repetitive tasks to focus in more divers and high value tasks
  • Improve quality by the reduction of human errors, automated controls and consistent results
  • Increase customer satisfaction by improving the average handling time of requests

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