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End-to-End E-commerce Analytics

Optimize profitability

E-commerce players naturally collect enormous amounts of raw data relating to digital marketing, logistics, transactions, and customers. But frequently, this data gets collected into various systems that are owned or used by separate departments.

As a result, departments have a restricted view of useable data. Digital marketing only relies on marketing data. Purchasing only works with product and warehousing data, and so on.

To achieve a complete view of all functions and departments, we help you establish an end-to-end e-commerce analytics reporting tool that aims at data-driven profitability optimization of your business.

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Our End-to-End E-Commerce analytics Approach

OMMAX end-to-end e-commerce analytics approach

With OMMAX End-to-end e-commerce analytics, you can:

  • Understand and optimize your profitability through a proven, holistic analytics tool
  • Identify and strategically deal with toxic products or brands with below-average profitability
  • Transform your business with a customer-value-oriented approach
  • Use advanced dashboards to centrally report on and optimize customer cohort developments , product groups performance, and marketing expenditure

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